Richard O. Jones

Dating is an enjoyable activity when participants share mutual interests and are honest about their true intentions. For many single seniors, dating is a risky screening process in search of a monogamous relationship, especially for the females. However for many single male seniors dating is a conquest to establish a casual friendship with intimate benefits, especially for the emotionally insecure. Each party to the dating process proceeds as two opponents strategically poised at chess or checkerboard or some other parlor game watching and waiting for the others’ next move. The weapons of the game are sex appeal, with the aid of cosmetics, perfumes, wigs, weaves, provocative clothing, and sometimes implants, being a favorite of women, and the appearance of chivalry, prosperity and/or honorable ambitions, being the weapon of choice for men. This is War of the Sexes.

The stakes are high in the War of the Sexes. For reasons of nostalgia, men want to feel like a stud and women want to feel irresistible, which equates to vanity and/or insecurity.  Nevertheless, the outcome is crucial because the male sexual prowess and female sex appeal respectively is rapidly approaching the end of the game. Thus women move evasively around the dating checkerboard as to not give up any of her chips, attributes, or bargaining power too soon. Men are trying to jump her and take as much as he can, thus winning the game, without sacrificing too much commitment.  In the process, some women are so-o precautious their opponent loses interest, and though she retains her valued chips, he defaults and moves on, although his intentions were monogamous. However, if the woman was impressed by his early antics and allowed him to seize a few of her valuables, (emotions, heart, sensuality) he might have moved on regardless, it’s the risk of the game.  As life would have it, people date and move-on. All dates were not meant to last into the next year or years beyond. Dating in its rawest form is a screening process. The object of the game, for seniors especially, is to eliminate ASAP, those that are not settling-down material.  Men on a conquest of sexual exploits can be exposed early in the game.

For example, if he’s not willing to invest his time in a woman as a person and not merely a date then (though he might be a nice guy) he’s not seeking a relationship of longevity. In the event a woman becomes emotionally involved in such a guy and is relaxed by his chivalry to the point of surrender, she should not count it a lost if he moves on. The faster he moves on the better. She could compare him to a trip Disneyland. She enjoyed the day but now its time to go home – back to reality. The woman must be strong and not allow that experience to harden her against new players at the parlor game table or make her weary of entering another amusement park. Senior men, on the other hand, in the race against virility while in pursuit of exploiting women will find themselves at the gate of a Ferris Wheel with no tickets in their hand – and no reality in which to return.