By Hardy L. Brown

Who is Cheryl Brown? No one alive knows this person better than me. She is a fighter, an advocate for people, and provides service to all she comes in contact with. She has a deep abiding faith in God and people. Everything she takes on she commits to with passion and determination to get the job done. It was Cheryl who committed that every one of our children would graduate from high school and go on to college. It was her commitment to education that when some local school districts were confronted with racial issues over how the history of slavery was being taught in their schools, they came to her for help. Cheryl took on the task to educate classroom teachers by taking them on an annual trip of the Underground Railroad for the past 15-years. The routes traveled by the nations first Freedom Fighters — those trapped in slavery. She understands the mission of teachers having been a substitute teacher for the San Bernardino Unified School District and a full time teacher with the School of Hope teaching children with limited physical and mental abilities.

Cheryl brought that same passion and commitment to helping the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department leadership change the image of law enforcement in the eyes of the African American and Latino communities. She helped design an outreach program that has produced many people of color seeking careers in law enforcement which is still paying dividends for current Sheriff Stan Sniff, who is supporting her candidacy. It was her desire to tell police officers 20 years ago that they were appreciated so she created her own “Take A Cop to Lunch Program” which she paid for herself. Even with that support, she would not back away from addressing the hard questions when it came to allege police abuse cases that were brought to her attention. That is what earned her the title as one of the greatest Black Newspaper Publishers in the 175-year history of African American owned newspapers in America. Cheryl is a straight shooter and that is why people in the community seek her counsel on different issues, San Bernardino County Sheriff Hoops asked her to serve on his advisory council, and the Fontana Police Officers Association has endorsed her.

She understands the challenges our families are facing as our aging population grows older and larger. When her grandmother was living in Pittsburg and needed someone to care for her, it was Cheryl who said Grandma Minter come live with us. The same is true when it came to her Aunt Aniece Lee. Like you, Cheryl believes in taking care of seniors. That is also why she appreciates healthcare workers like the SEIU home health workers who assisted. Cheryl wants to take those experiences to Sacramento so she can educate other legislators with firsthand knowledge that it is the constituents who elected them that is impacted by their decision.

As a trained and educated urban planner, she knows what policies need to be enacted so developers, local governments, and communities can thrive without endangering our natural resources like the air we breathe and the water we drink. Cheryl was the lead planner on the Fontana Speedway Project that we have in Fontana. She has worked with the trucking industry and citizens of Bloomington on traffic and noise control issues south of Interstate 10. Those are not easy problems to solve but Cheryl believes if you work hard enough with all parties a win-win solution is always possible.

could go on and on about the things she can do for the people in the 47th District. I know she wants to use her VOICE to make your VOICE heard in Sacramento so our lives can be better. Join me in electing Cheryl Brown as the 47th District Assembly Member.

Cal State University San Bernardino Invites the Public to Unveiling

Join the Black Voice Foundation at Cal State University, San Bernardino on April 27th at 2 pm as they unveil 40 years of historical newspapers from the Black Voice News which has been donated to CSUSB. The public will be able to research events covered by this weekly newspaper of the Inland Empire. President Albert Karnig will bring remarks and others will share stories and memories of this forty year time period.

Call Hardy Brown, II at 909 888-5040 to reserve seating.