Category: Commentary

We Need Pathways Out of Poverty

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif), NNPA Special Commentary The economic crisis is having a devastating effect on millions of Americans and has resulted in record levels of unemployment.  For the first time since 1983, that national...

The Shocking Surge in Police Killings

OPINION EDITORIAL The Thanksgiving holiday weekend ended tragically for the nation and the law enforcement community when four officers from the Lakewood (Wash.) Police Department were executed by a lone gunman as they worked on...

There is Nothing Good About ‘Good Hair’

George E. Curry, NNPA Columnist While new movies such as “Precious” and “The Princess and the Frog” are stirring intense debate among African Americans, no recent movie or documentary has hair stylist Bo Bogard more riled than...

Dating Disappointments during War of the Sexes

Richard O. Jones Dating is an enjoyable activity when participants share mutual interests and are honest about their true intentions. For many single seniors, dating is a risky screening process in search of a monogamous...


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