Last Updated on October 5, 2002 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

Ernest C. Levister, Jr., M.D.
F.A.C.P. F.A.C.P.M.

“Not Intelligent Enough to Go to College” Access Denied: Dispelling the Myth – UCR – Saturday, October 5

We hear it all the time. Millions of our youth are convinced by their teachers and counselors that they are “not intelligent enough to go to college.” Their report cards are filled with symbols of failure. Standardized text scores suggest that their aptitudes are below par. We know that routinely some teachers and counselors railroad high school graduates into 2-year colleges as an end point instead of as a bridge to enhance their high school skills and open the door to 4-year colleges. Many of these students end up in low paying jobs or out on the street. We know that such advice is invalid and even wrong because many of these same students have the potential to go on to become teachers, lawyers, health care professionals, accountants, scientists, and forces for positive change in the community.
Saturday, October 5, 2002, the J.W. Vines Medical Foundation and UC Riverside join forces to dispel this age-old myth. “Access Denied: Gaining College Admission For Our Children,” 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – UCR Commons, will feature Dr. Brenda Davis, Provost, Norco Campus, Riverside Community College District.
The Vines and UCR invites parents and students to a daylong event that promises to educate, enlighten, provoke and empower. The program will address a wide range of important topics to include: What It Takes To Get Into College, Financial Aid and Student Awards, Accessing 4-year Colleges, Historically Black Colleges, and College Planning.
“Is The SAT Biased?” Hear both sides of the debate from nationally recognized experts from the Princeton Review and the College Board.
The J.W. Vines Jr. M.D. Medical Foundation, Inc. is committed to increasing the number of African American Health Care Professionals to provide a service to underserved communities in the Inland Empire. The Foundation sponsors a student mentoring program, educational conferences, and assistance to students in the Inland Empire. We believe the key to empowerment in our communities is education. It begins with the premise that nurturing, perseverance and a commitment to keeping educational opportunity accessible to all students are at the foundation of access and opportunity.
For more information call (909) 875-9561 or visit our website: African American Health Network ( Location: Commons of UC Riverside, 900 University Avenue, Riverside Admission $5.00 includes lunch (student admission scholarships available), free parking.