Last Updated on October 5, 2002 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

“Mo’Nique Reigns as Queen,
with Popular Sitcom, A New Book, A New Comedy CD and as the First Female Host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”

Mo’Nique is America’s reigning queen of entertainment. The award winning comedienne and actress is not only the star of the UPN’s popular sitcom, “The Parkers,” but she will soon appear across television screens as the first female host of the late night, long running and historic fixture, “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.”
In addition, she’s busy penning her first book, Skinny Women Are Evil, published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, and preparing for a new comedy CD. Big, bad, charming and beautiful, Mo’Nique gives full credence to the theory of having it all and loving it. The plus-size diva is inspiring women around the world with her “move out of my way” attitude. The world is certainly hers! The Baltimore native has come along way. A strong vision of success is what propelled her from local comedy shows to appearances on “Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam,” “Showtime at the Apollo,” “BET’s Comic View” and “The Montreal Comedy Festival.” Her outrageous stand up style endeared her in the hearts of millions as audiences related instantaneously to her tales about family, marriage, sex and life as a full figured gal.
“I have never written a joke –ever,” Mo’Nique reveals, “because I’m not a typical joke teller. I just talk about my life. ” The technique worked as Mo’Nique soon found herself headlining the Queens of Comedy tour. The female counterpart of the highly successful Kings of Comedy Tour, fronted by Steve Harvey, Queens of Comedy was one of the most successful all-women comedy events ever. With audiences reaching 40,000 upward, the album version of the tour earned a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Comedy Album.
But the stage alone cannot contain this bodacious vixen. Fans just can’t get enough of her outlandish antics as Nikki Parker on UPN’s “The Parkers,” now in its fourth season. As the energetic, man crazed TV mom who attends college with her on screen daughter (Countess Vaughn), Mo’Nique takes her stand up skills to another level, mixing boisterous one-liners with broad physical comedy.
The result has been a sitcom that ranked #1 in African American households in its first season (1999-2000) and garnered five NAACP Image Award nominations, including one for Outstanding Comedy. For her portrayal of Nikki Parker, Mo’Nique has won two NAACP Image Awards, (2000 and 2001), in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.
And of course when its this good, the big screen is going to want some as well. Mo’Nique’s movie credits include John Singleton’s “Baby Boy,” D.J. Pooh’s, “3 Strikes,” and “Two Can Play That Game” where she starred alongside Vivica A. Fox and earned a NAACP Image Award Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.
When television’s long running show, “It’s Showtime At the Apollo” decided to revamp for the new season, Mo’Nique emerged as the natural contender for a show that is also a staple in African American households. Her charisma, comedic flair, sex appeal and energy just cannot be denied. Warm, big hearted and earthy, she is a natural and inviting host.
With her new book, entitled, Skinny Women are Evil (Atria Books / Simon & Schuster), a new comedy CD in the works, her own clothing line, (BBLI – Big, Beautiful and Loving It), and a signature fragrance to launch soon, Mo’Nique is staking her claim.
“I want to change the standard of beauty in this country,” she states. “I was a fat baby coming out and I’m going to be a fat baby leaving. I’ve always been comfortable with that. When I was in school, I was always the most popular, and the best dressed. I had boyfriends. My point of view has always been, there are a million size 2’s in Hollywood, but how many 22’s?”
Hollywood had better take note. Mo’Nique is letting us have it! She’s giving us ‘mo and by the response so far, audiences are loving it and loving her!