Last Updated on October 25, 2002 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

By Jon D. Gaede
BVN Staff

The Angels have come a long way from the empty vastness of the Los Angeles Coliseum to the cozy confines of Edison Field.

They field a scrappy, “never give up” team that has a nice blend of veteran stars and over achieving youth. They have changed their manager, their team colors and their belief system. The fans have gone fanatic and the city has gone red, real red!
The Giants have not been to a World Series since they moved out west from New York. They are anchored by a line drive hitting middle of the line-up that features Jeff Kent and super star Barry Bonds. Their starting pitching isn’t bad either. Closer Rob Nen is San Francisco’s answer to Troy Percival and he is cool under pressure.
Riverside North’s Adam Kennedy showed just what a tough out he can be by hitting three big home runs in one game as the number nine hitter during the ALCS. The Angels have had timely hitting all year posting a league leading 43 come from behind victories.
Jarrod Washburn won 18 games for the halos this year, however, the Angel bats fell short in game one of the series. The Giants went yard three times with solo blasts from Bonds and Sanders. Former Angel J.T. Snow hit a two run shot that chased Washburn and game one went to the Giants 4-3.
One gets the sense that this series may become a slug fest before all’s said and done. Glaus, Anderson, Salmon, Kennedy and Spezio can each hit home runs like Bonds, there are simply more of them. Those who hold game seven tickets should plan on driving to Anaheim. Make sure that you begin the day early beacause the road to baseball heaven begins on the crowded 91 freeway. Keep your red thunder sticks handy for a classic series finish!