Last Updated on May 18, 2003 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

By Jesaun Shannon and DeAngelo Grant

Fontana CDS

Not much hope is left, the Lakers face a difficult road due to the loss of two players (Rick Fox, Devan George) and also Kobe Bryant who was injured in the Minnesota game which affected his shooting shoulder.

Bryant’s injury has affected his shot, which also puts pressure on the Lakers’ difficult situation.

As the Lakers proceed weight is being held on the backs of two players, Kobe and Shaw, that alone is not enough. Phil Jackson realizes that Kobe and Shaq need help, and the only decision that Jackson can make is to pull his rookies off the bench.

Tim Duncan averages 20-26 points a game. Phil Jackson has to come up with a strategy or some kind of defense to stop Duncan. In the past two games the Lakers have been in foul trouble and have also had too many turnovers.

So what they need to do for the next two games is to run the ball up court faster (which they did winning both games and tieing the conference two games a piece). The real big issue is that the Lakers have a disadvantage because of less shooters and the need to get it together quicker.