Last Updated on March 25, 2004 by Paulette Brown-Hinds


By Cheryl Brown

Mother Marlean Torres has had an eventful life and recently celebrated her 70th birthday with a celebration with family, friends and her prayer partners. Artis Gilbert of Assemblyman John Longville’s office even gave her a special award.

The fact that she turned 70 is not what makes her special, although that is something to talk about. The fact that she birthed 19 children and 14 are still alive is not what makes her special, although that is not common place today. The fact that she believes in God and in Jesus Christ His son is not the only thing that makes her special. What makes her so special is how she follows what thus saith the Word of God. “Feed my sheep,” Jesus said in Scripture. She is obeying His command and she feeds the sheep spiritually and physically at her home in San Bernardino.

With houses boarded up all around her she has made her home a show place for her family and for strangers to feel welcome. Fast to say she isn’t feeding the homeless, she is not a shelter, and she feeds anyone whom is hungry every Friday at her house. Her neighbors seem to love and respect her.

Mother Torres came to California from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Inglewood where one of her daughters lived. Seven years ago she moved to Rialto but when the rent almost doubled she had to find another place. “The Lord told me what he wanted me to do. In Rialto every Saturday 40 children from 1PM to 3PM would come to be fed. I would feed them and teach them what the Bible says,” said Torres.

One mother became upset with her when she told the children about keeping the Sabbath. She explained that God said on the Sabbath they should do no work. When the child went home and refused to work the mother called her up to admonish her not to teach her children to go against their parents. She told the children the Bible says you must obey your parents. “If you teach the kids the commandments then they won’t end up in the penitentiary,” she said about that mother.

When Gilbert heard about the good work that Mother Torres does he presented her with a Certificate of recognition. Additionally every month Gilbert presents to a deserving woman a beautiful African doll, that he calls the “Vickie Tolliver Award.” “Mother Torres has been feeding people she invites to her home for some 30 years. She deserves recognition!” said Gilbert.

“This is the first time I have been awarded for my work,” she said. Torres said that it is her ministry. She calls it the “Love One Another” ministry.