San Bernardino

By Cpt Jon D. Gaede
BVN Staff

The California Cadet Corps of the San Bernardino City School District held their first annual athletic and drill competitions. Some 2,000 cadets fill the ranks at several district schools.

Among the core values shared by each cadet are self discipline, integrity, moral courage, initiative and team work.

The cadets were assembled by school, on the football field at San Gorgonio High School. Initial remarks and instructions were given by the Brigade Commander, Major Jornal Miller. The events included: “pass in review”, “running”, “basketball”, “volleyball” and “tug of war”.

The participating schools included: Arrowview Middle School, Curtis Middle School, Serrano Middle School, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, San Andreas High School (LSA), The Pal Center and American Christian Academy of Excellence.

The competition, which began in the afternoon sun, carried on into the evening hours. The cadets played with great intensity as they cheered each other on. Due to the variety of sports, each cadet participant competed in their area of strength. The dueling school chants could be heard over the evening sky as each school felt they had a chance to win.

At the end of the evening, the cadets assembled by battalion to compete in the culminating event, the tug-o-war. Captain Dave Hernandez (Arrowview Middle School) attached the blue bandana to the middle of the rope and each school pulled with their greatest effort.

Ultimately, there could only be two overall winners. The middle school trophy was awarded to the outstanding cadets of Curtis Middle School, commanded by Captain Charles Martin, (Jim Dilday – Principal). The high school trophy was awarded to the cadets of The American Christian Academy of Excellence, commanded by Captain Desere Stone.

The trophies, which stand some seven feet tall are perpetual and must be defended to be retained, by military tradition. The first place school trophies have been permanently named the “Narciso Cardona Award of Excellence.” Congratulations to the winning schools, the volunteers and the spirited efforts of all participants.

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