Last Updated on February 27, 2006 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

Feb. 28 (GIN) – Ugandans gave President Yoweri Museveni a third term in the country highest office after ballots were counted in the countries first multiparty election in 25 years.

Uganda's opposition complained of intimidation and interference by the army. The security forces turned out in large numbers near polling stations, with police expressing concern that there might be an attempt to disrupt the vote.

President Yoweri Museveni, a former guerrilla general who seized power 20 years ago, faced a challenge from his former personal physician, Kizza Besigye, in the first polls since the country's “no-party” system was scrapped last year.

Sam Akaki, chief spokesperson for the opposition Forum for Democratic Change, said: “Reports are coming in of massive army deployments in every constituency. Tens of thousands of names have disappeared from the register. Ballot papers are arriving late or not at all.

Museveni campaigned o­n his economic record: the economy has grown by 6% a year for the past 10 years. But Uganda remains heavily dependent o­n agriculture, and a third of the population lives o­n less than a dollar a day.