Last Updated on March 24, 2006 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

By Braden Ruddy

Mar. 20 (GIN) – Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, announced his intention to hold a   string of mass protests against Robert Mugabe’s government nationwide.

Tsvangirai, who was reelected as president of a faction of the Zimbabwe's divided opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), warned of a “a long bustling winter across the country.”

“From today, fellow Zimbabweans, kindly save a penny and stock up where possible. A storm is upon the horizon,” Tsvangirai said at a rally Sunday.

The MDC’s hopes for unseating Mugabe’s 26-year old rule in the country have been weakened by a political split within its own ranks.

Last November, several senior leaders including secretary general Welshman Ncube and Gibson Sibanda split with Tsvangirai over differences in their strategy to unseat Mugabe. Sibanda's faction has since held its own congress and elected a new leader, South African-based Arthur Mutumbara.

“I promise to lead from the front. I promise to use all available resources and will-power to see off the tyranny in Zimbabwe today; to assist in putting together the building blocks for a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning,” Tsvangirai said during his acceptance speech o­n Sunday in front of nearly 15,00 people in Harare.