By Cheryl Brown


Rikke Van Johnson, Antonio “Tony” Dupré, Pastor Larry E. and wife Melinda Campbell, Dr. Elsa Valdez, Arturo Delgado, and Kurt Wilson.

Family and friends: Aunts Thelma Bowen and Henrietta Lewis along with mother-in-law Mildred Woods join friends to welcome Rev. Larry E. Campbell, wife Melinda Campbell and son Terrance Campbell.

The StarLights, an extraordinary Christian quartet set the tone for high expectations of the new pastor at St. Paul AME in San Bernardino.

Singing familiar songs and high energy numbers — most people jumped right in at the welcome reception for Pastor Larry E. Campbell.

Emcee Lori Gill

Emcee Lori Gill kept the program moving.

Pastor Campbell's mother-in-law Mildred Woods from Ripland, South Carolina, his two aunts Thelma Bowman and Henrietta Lewis of his hometown Jacksonboro, South Carolina and several of his friends and former church members attended.

Approximately 200 people came out to enjoy the day.

Lori Gill, in training for the ministry, was the emcee and Rev. Brooks introduced Pastor Campbell to the community.

Pastor Campbell spoke of the long relationship St. Paul has had with the community and how in his tenure he would continue that tradition — solutions that the community problems need the help of the faith community.