By Joseph A.Bailey, II

M.D., F.A.C.S.

Joseph A.Bailey, II

African Mythology is a powerful pathway to understanding the foundation for truth. It is based on Ancient Africans saying it arises out of both the subconscious of the universe and the deeper levels of the subconscious of each human being. Related to the cosmic subconscious are three broad realms of existence-the Physical (Ta), the Astral (Duat, Dwat, Amenta, Amenti) and the heaven (Pet). On the one hand truth arises out of these three while on the other hand it may be necessary to penetrate these three realms to expose the truth. In either direction, what penetrates the deep recesses of the psyche is mythology and what then spreads out on the psyche’s “base bottom” is the Amenta. The story of the Amenta starts with the ways Ancient Africans believed the world began. But herein lay some problems. One reason is that by being quite conservative, African sages never discarded any of their old beliefs in favor of new ones-opting instead to assimilate them. Another is that they were quite content to have several different explanations for the same thing, for each might eventually serve in different contexts. As a result, there were several variations on how the world was created-with Atum, Ra, Ptah, and Neit having his/her own story. Still, there was only one underlying image-that of the one universal high God-Atum-Raa (Re)-who existed before any notion of space or time.

According to a composite and dominant African myth, for real things to appear God uttered the sacred word-the sound-the vibration. Hence, the primordial water of “Nun” (Nu)–the ocean of potential consciousness– was created. This celestial ocean, containing everything in embryonic form, was shrouded in darkness and contained the male and female principles inside everything that was to exist in the future. Emanating from the Supreme Being was Ra (Nefertem, the rising disc of the sun), Tem (the setting sun), the creative principles embodied in the primordial gods and goddesses of creation, and the “Neteru” (divine energy)-all sailing in the “Boat of Millions of Years.” Sailing signifies the beginning of motion in creation and motion implies that events occur in the realm of time and space (Ashby, African Origins, p318). Raa, the light of God, caused all forms of life to come into existence (neteru) and into order (Maat). These necessarily sprang out of a foundation laid in Truth (Seleem, Egyptian Book of Life, p7). Hence, the image of God was believed to enter into all forms of real existence-called the Substance. This entirely dark and cosmic Amenta realm-termed the Egyptian Paradise, the Subterranean, the Netherworld, the void, the “nothingness”, the underworld of Osiris, Duat, or the Land of the Word’s Truth”-was paradoxically full of light and fire nearly passing through the Amenta was energizing.

By embracing the Sublime and supernatural portions of the Astral world, this cosmic Amenta contains everything in the supernatural world pertaining to ignorance and mental agitation (demons, fantasies, distortions, unrealistic desires) and everything in the Sublime/Real Self connection pertaining to salvation. One’s subconscious Amenta power comes from its connection with the cosmic Amenta. One’s Sublime Amenta power (Ashby, p116) is in the deepest “hidden” aspect of the human heart (the Amun, the “witnessing consciousness) and the reasoning conscious mind. In African Tradition, a person can not claim to be living in Truth without consistency in the observance of the Sublime laws of Ma’at (love in action) at each and every crossroad situation pertaining to daily living. The tools for salvation include the Truth, peace, harmony, and wisdom at an Asar level (i.e. above thought-such as consciousness experiences during deep dreamless sleep). So as to prepare to reach the heaven Afterlife, Ancient Africans needed to be well on the road to “Knowing Thyself” before being able to grab hold of their Amenta power.


Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.