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By Jose Corea

If music lovers ever needed to find music that inspires feelings of being loved and valued, then they have found it in singer/songwriter, Darcell. For two years, this artist has been singing his way through the streets of Los Angeles. A native from Texas, he has been  selling records without any support from label. and persevering through rejection, even spending nine months living out of his car. Now his turn has come with the release of his debut CD set to be released May 2008.

Darcell’s music is inspired by the smooth, sensitive and urban sounds of Babyface and Stevie Wonder, and the soulfully passionate messages of Marvin Gaye. However, his biggest inspiration is the woman that taught him how to play the piano and subsequently sparked his first interest in being a musician, his grandmother. For the self taught guitarist, music definitely runs in Darcell’s blood. His grandmother sang and played piano, and as a child Darcell sang as part of his family’s gospel ensemble, “The Sunlights”.Image

Despite all the trials Darcell has faced to come this far, he describes the music in this album as having a lighthearted tone; he focuses on creating soothing melodies and positive lyrics, the experience of listening to one of his songs is like being gently relaxed onto a comfortable couch and whispered “you are loved. “I want to make people feel beautiful and valued, when they listen to this album my desire is for them to be relaxed and forget about all the worries they have for 45 minutes,” says Darcell. He describes the messages in his lyrics not as bringing attention to the problems that many people face in their lives, instead singing messages that inspire people to be better by giving solutions to problems.”

The first single, Let’s Make Love (Angela’s Melody), is now available at It is a simple and mellow song. It’s just Darcell, his guitar, and his lyrics. One man, one instrument, one message. The simplicity of his sound is complimented by his melodious and breathy voice; his clean lyrics are a request for love and have a tone of admiration and appreciation to his beloved. Darcell expresses this feel throughout the continuity of his album.

“My record is like a pie, every piece of the pie is going to taste just as good as the first,” states Darcell. He continues: “the songs take you on a journey, unfolding as the song unfolds.”

Darcell’s album is due for release May 21. If anyone is in search of music with relaxing melodies and optimistically soothing lyrics, then pick up Darcell’s upcoming CD and be inspired to take a rest from daily stress and enjoy a little peace. Like the title of his single, Darcell (need a word besides trying to — exudes, wants, drips, can’t think of anything right now) desires to “make love” for his listeners, making them feel loved and appreciated.