Last Updated on April 10, 2008 by Paulette Brown-Hinds



Social Lite’s Chairwoman, Ms. Tracy Thomas is proud to announce the award winners of the 41tst annual Sir Knight of the Beautillion.  The theme she selected for the 2007/08 candidacy “Generation ‘Y’ Why Not Us” was eloquently articulated during the presentation given by Keynote speaker, Erick Witherspoon, Principal of Preston Elementary School in Rialto who recalled his days as a Knight.

Joseph Richard

The numerous monetary awards were presented based on academic achievement as well as the ability to overcome obstacles during the course of the Beautillion Program. The Alumni award went to Willie Patterson, the Perseverance Award to Derrick Jones, the President’s award to Joseph Richard, the Social Lite’s Award to Reginald Jackson Jr., and the Mr. Congeniality Award went to Christensen Sanders.  

Richard Blacksher, a senior at Arroyo Valley High School was dubbed Sir Knight of the   2008 Beautillion. Richard earned a trip to Cabo San Lucus, a Sony Laptop Computer, and an electric Gipson Guitar. The first runner up, Rahman Bell a senior at Middle College High School earned a Toshiba Laptop Computer. Bell was also awarded the Academic Achievement Award.