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By C.F. Hawthorne

Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge

On June 12, 2008, Riverside answered the question that has been  on the minds of many of its residents, “embracing diversity, have we overcome or have we just begun?” as the lights came on in Downtown Riverside,  lighting the path to greater possibilities. The city of Riverside dedicated what was once known as the Mayor’s patio to the Grier family. Embracing all those who came before and all those who will come after.  Dr. and Mrs. Grier are wonderful examples of people who understood the power that loving humanity will bring all. When asked “What puts a smile on your face?” Barnett Grier responded with a heart warming smile, “Just Love.”

Barnett Grier, Jr.

The Grier Pavilion is where our humanity can begin. Encouraging quotes etched on sides of enormous granite pillars that descend into clouds of over 300 white solar panels, the Grier Pavilion is filled with so much aspiration for our future.

Sylvia Martin James

In the center of the Pavilion there is a multicolor circle and within that circle there is diversity. Within diversity there is comment, within comment there is pride, within pride there is inclusiveness, within inclusiveness there is Riverside within Riverside there is humanity, within humanity, I’ll find you.

The Grier Pavilion is a place where Riverside’s past embraces Riverside’s future. The panoramic view of hills, valleys and mountains are breathtaking and relaxing as you stand on top of the world listening to the past which lights the pathway to a bright future. The Grier Pavilion is located on the 7th floor of City Hall and opened 8-5, admission is free.

Hundreds attend the grand opening of the Grier Pavilion in Downtown Riverside.