Wendy Gladney Brooks

This past weekend I had a chance to spend some one on one time with my mother (who happens to also be my Chief Operating Officer for my company).  We went on a "mother/daughter" weekend to Carlsbad and stayed at a Spa Resort to reflect and review where we are as a company and to discuss some next steps regarding the business.

While "relaxing"(because of course it is difficult to turn off from work when you run an event management company) we decided to take a quick drive over to the Four Seasons Resort Aviara North San Diego to see what kind of venue it would be possibly for an event.  The property had all of the amenities you could imagine a top hotel would.  While sitting out on the Veranda sipping a nice cool drink, we saw a wedding coordinator setting up for a garden wedding over looking the Pacific Ocean.  As my mother and I sat there watching everything they were doing, she leaned over to me and said "I have a problem with formal events being held out on the grass."  As I pondered her comments, I asked her why?  She said because for a formal affair women wear expensive high heel shoes that will get messed up from the grass (and by the way it totally destroys the grass too!).

Our conversation made me think about several events coming up that are held outside on "the grass."  Yes, it's true that women often mess up their fancy or pretty shoes when walking on the grass, but sometimes there's not a better venue than a rose garden or a view over looking the ocean and feeling the sunshine on your body and the wind in your face.  At the end of the day living in beautiful sunny California, it's hard not to take an event whether it's a wedding, or a garden soiree white linen affair outdoors!  I recommend if you know you're going to be outside and you don't want to mess up your shoes…take a pair of flats that you can change into.  I would love to hear from you and learn what you think about formal verses casual events held outdoors on the grass…  

Give your all in all that you do. Then the PLUS won't just be more, it will be the difference!

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