Last Updated on September 25, 2015 by Alex Brown-Hinds

Another political season is upon us that will require our decision to vote on people and issues that will serve our interest in the public arena.

When it comes to candidates none of us have found a fool-proof way of voting for someone who will do everything we want. However if you are like me you seek to talk with as many of them as you can while reading as much about them as possible. You also read the propositions to better understand what is presented before you as well as who is behind them.

Sometimes they sound good but in reality not practical or worth the money, let alone of benefit to the African American community.

What we try and do hereat the Black Voice News is what I described above and offer you our opinion on who will represent our best interest in the office the candidate is seeking.

So until the primary election in June and the general election in November I will be offering you our endorsements aswe make decisions on various positions.

Wilmer Amina Carter for Assembly A Proven Leader

The citizens residing in the 62nd Assembly District have been well served by Wilmer Amina Carter as their Assemblymember. She has demonstrated the training and political leadership she acquired while working with Congressman George Brown and that is working with everyone including the opposition party. She has conducted many hearings in the district to garner information before making a vote while publishing timely newsletters to keep us informed.

Having been a small business owner herself she understands and has supported legislation to increase our participation in the vendor programs of the state.

Her commitment to our young people is evident in her staff and the recognition she has given to academic and leadership achievement. She reaches out to a diverse constituency by supporting and attending the many functions in all communities.

Now while I have focused on her ability and skills to work with a diverse population and across political lines, Amina is busy a legislator writing, reading and supporting many bills onthe following committees: education, health, transportation, budget, utilities, commerce, census and select committee on higher education.

Even with her busy schedule whenever the Black media owners in California are visiting in Sacramento, which is twice a year, she always finds time to meet and inform us on the latest issues.

Return Wilmer Amina Carter to the 62nd Assembly District seat.

Stan Sniff for Sheriff: A Committed Leader

Several years ago the Black Voice News and Riverside County Sheriff Department under then Sheriff Bob Doyle, started a program to change the perception of how African Americans inRiverside County viewed law enforcement and to recruit more of us into the profession. (I shared with Sheriff Doyle that because of our long history as adversaries and not that of protecting and serving so it must be a longtime commitment from the departmentand us to make a change.) Well Doyleretired and we have a new sheriff in town.

Not knowing Sheriff Sniff I proceeded to observe his actions, and talk withhim and others who interacted with him. I must say he did meet with my staff to commit and continue the relationship and program of reaching out to the Black community not just with words but with dollars. In my conversations with him he is trulysincere in his desire to keep the county safe and in a much better place on race relations and employment than where he found it.

He has made some strategic promotions within the department and can be seen consistantly engaged with the community. It is refreshing to see the sheriff at NAACP events, church functionsand at the past Black Voice Foundation gala, Sheriff Sniff attended rather than sending a representative.

Sheriff Sniff is respected by his peers and supported by hisstaff. He leads the county by example.

I urge the voters of Riverside to keep Stan Sniff as our sheriff.

The Black Farmers are going to get their money

At last, the Black Farmers of America might just get the $1.7billion, from the Federal government for years of racial discrimination by the department of agriculture. We have followed this story for 40 years when it was brought to our attention by Cheryl’s cousins in Sanford, North Carolina. Then we met andtalked with the organizers several times after that. I met withSecretary Blocker in the Clinton administration to talk about the issue after the courts ruled in the farmers favor but did not force the money to be paid. Well it is long overdue but it looks as if it will be completed under President Barack Obama’s Administration.