Last Updated on September 25, 2015 by Alex Brown-Hinds

Jose Medina has been an active citizen in the Inland Empire for many years seeking no recognition but serving his community anyway he could. He has been active in education as a teacher, school board member, community college trustee and volunteer in countless other civic activities with the last being Barack Obama for President. As a leader in education for several decades, one might ask why recommend Jose for the Assembly.

For starters we have term limits and that has resulted in many inexperienced individuals being elected into office which has led to a short learning curve. Then we have an educational crisis in our state and the Inland Empire especially when it comes to Black and Hispanic children. We need state policy makers with practical experience of local decision making that understands the intricate needs of districts in the community which is not based on political party affiliation.

Currently we have too many politicians making those kinds of decisions.

That brings me back to Jose’s experience as a teacher, school board member, community college trustee and an activist in our community to solve problems. On the political activist side, Jose was one of the very first supporters of now President Barack Obama in this area. He did not waver in his support nor did he wait to see what the polls indicated or who was supporting who. You might ask how I know; well he came to my office with the Obama statewide coordinator to discuss the campaign, well before the California primary election. Jose then went out to other states to work on behalf of Obama, and Jose has done this kind of thing all his life. With some of the racial issues that sometimes surface between our people, it is never an issue with Jose Medina.

Jose will also bring a sensible approach when it comes to restoring fiscal responsibility to spending our tax dollars. He understands the legitimate needs of our most valuable citizens, small business owners and the need to expand our economic and transportation corridors in the Inland Empire.

I urge you to support Jose Medina for Assembly in the 64th District.

A New Atmosphere At San Bernardino City Council Meeting

This past Monday at the San Bernardino City Council meeting I could not believe what my eyes were seeing nor what my ears were hearing.

They were discussing agenda item 19 concerning a program to help ex-offenders get back into the mainstream of society once released from prison. In past meetings, this topic would bring animated gestures and accusatory remarks from certain corners of the council at each other.

At the end of this particular discussion I was surprised when Councilmember Wendy McCammack said she was in support of this program with a smile on her face. I don’t know what has happened to change her support but her demeanor and attitude was a very welcome sight.

One might speculate that the recent election is over with two new members who spoke with civility and support for this type of approach to solving a community problem.

One might speculate the city attorney, Jim Penman who lost to Mayor Morris, was not sitting at the table during the discussion. One might speculate that Wendy will have to seek re-election next year and by the people sending Morris back, it is clear what direction the citizens want the city to go. I am sure you have your on speculations but whatever the reason, it was a surprise and welcome sight.