Last Updated on September 25, 2015 by Alex Brown-Hinds

President Barack Obama, an African American male and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a White female did something last Sunday and Tuesday that for 100 years no White man in those positions has been able to do. They got passed and signed into law a comprehensive Health Care Reform Bill that became law when he finished signing it Tuesday morning in the Oval Office.

This is historic in every way one can look at it; first time Black President, first female speaker, unifying a fractured democratic membership against a Republican Party that only knows how to say NO. They did it against the news media round table expert pundits who for the past three years have been wrong when it comes to guessing what Obama or Pelosi can or can not do.

They said Obama would not get the Democratic Party nomination, wrong. They said he would not win over John McCain, wrong. They said he could not get the stimulus package passed, wrong. They said he could not get the military to follow him, wrong. They said he had too much on his plate and was taking on too much to soon, wrong, They even predicted that the health care bill was defeated because Obama nor Pelosi could not get the votes, wrong. And now that it is the law of the land, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC are still saying it is not over because the Republican Party of NO has some angry members. Just because a few people say they do not want the new law does not mean they speak for all Americans. And to that I say they are wrong again.

Why do I say that they are wrong? Back in 1970 when I got involved with a government funded comprehensive health care program at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana there were many physicians and employees against the vision of the late Dr. Raymond Kay. They argued with him and in some cases did not want to see or treat the patients. Then they found out the program could help their non health care covered family members and personal home keepers who met the criteria and qualified for coverage. I received calls and visits from them with conversations about how wonderful the program was. The same thing is going to happen with this Health Care Reform Bill. When your Johnnie or Sue graduates from college this year and cannot get a job and is under 26 years of age, they can stay on your health coverage. Nothing is more personal than having your child living at home with no coverage. There are other provisions in the bill that will make it hard for the political party of NO to repeal but they will try.

In the Inland Empire we had Congressman Joe Baca vote YES while Ken Calvert, Mary Bono, Jerry Lewis and David Drier all voted NO. I know Mary Bono received almost $65,000 from insurance companies for her campaign but not sure about the other NO votes.

We must ask them in the coming months why they voted NO while working to not return them to Washington.

Let us take a few minutes to bask in happiness onthe passing of this historic legislation in our nation’s history while rolling up our sleeves to defeat the party of NO.

It is hard to stop doing something when it’s good to you

Betty Wright sings a song titled “It’s hard to stop doing something when it’s good to you.” That is what Tiger Woods’ response should have been when the lady from ESPN asked him why he didn’t stop. That is one reason we now have so many overweight people in our society today. It is hard to stop eating food when it tastes so good to you. It is hard to stop drinking coffee when it taste so good to the very last drop. It is hard to stop smoking when its good to you up to the last drag of the cigarette. The same is true in politics when it comes to saying NO like the Republicans.

Some people though are able to control their urges better than others while some need a wake-up-call to happen to them before they get the message, like in Tiger’s situation. Tiger did not create this problem or similar situation. King David had this problem as did his son King Solomon. In the case of Solomon he just married all of his, somewhere around 900 concubines.

In the past men have made the rules while women were made to be the quiet one in these situations, well that has now changed because of sexual freedom.

So men must learn to stop doing something just because it is good to you.