Last Updated on September 25, 2015 by Alex Brown-Hinds

The city council of San Bernardino elected Tobin Brinker by a 4-3 vote to be the next mayor pro tem for one year. This will give Brinker the authority to preside over the council meetings and signing authority of city business in the absence of the mayor. It also gives him appointment power of council-members to various committees.

Brinker’s election follows one year of service in that position by council member Rikke Van Johnson, who supported Brinker along with Fred Shorett and Virginia Marques. In my opinion Brinker was the right choice to help move the city forward with his thorough manner of doing his homework and calm demeanor when presenting.

Congratulations on your election and continue to move the city in a direction of professionalism in conducting business and working closer with the school district.

Joe Baca: What is on Your Agenda Now?

A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on Congressman Joe Baca’s lack of action in supporting the Obama administration’s efforts to pass the Health Care Reform Bill, which trigged the administration to send people in the 43rd to contact Joe for support. Well I did get a written response from Joe which was printed today next to my colum. Joe did explain his long support of health care issues, reform and that the letter I was referring to might have come from the Democratic National Committee to remind all representatives to buckle down and vote. Joe even closed his article by stating my column was untrue.

Let me be clear that the request to urge Joe’s support came from the Obama Administration and not the DNC to remind Joe to vote. Joe also said he was surprised to read my thoughts by asking the question “what’s on your agenda? Like I said last week, I was surprised to get the email from Obama that he needed your vote. I do want to know what is on your agenda with the same question: why were you holding your vote out to cause the administration to send your district constituents an email for you to support the bill?

Joe explains in great detail his support for health care issues in hisdistrict as well as his personal interest in the illness (PLS) that has attacked my body. I was aware of the health care hearing he conducted in the district last year. I read all of his communications from his office and view his website regularly. I even watch CSPAN and catch Joe speaking from time to time. I even caught him during the heat of the debate where he said in a few words when called upon to speak, “chairman I reserve the balance of my time” meaning he had nothing to say at this time. Now I know it was a procedural thing, at least I think it was, but here I was watching my representative, having nothing to say. For your information Joe, one thing I have now is lots of time to watch CSPAN, CNN, FOX and view the internet news local and national outlets ten to fifteen hours every day. I also get and read hundreds of emails from every political group in the world, not to mention agencies. So I stay informed about all that you are doing.

Now I know Joe cares about the issues that affect the people in his district but sometimes his politics prevent that from coming through. I have had the good fortune to live under two members of congress since living in the Inland Empire: the late Jerry Pettis, a Republican and George Brown a Democrat. I have also had the good fortune to interface with each of them while working in the healthcare field in Fontana.

When I had to contact Pettis on behalf of our federal funded program his politics was always above board and his reputation was stellar with all his constituents regardless of political party affiliation. The same remained true with George Brown.

I did mention also that the Obama Administration did send out a follow-up email thanking Joe for his support, not the DNC. I too want to thank Joe for finally supporting the historic bill because what ever he was doing gave the administration the impression you had a different agenda.

Now that the issue is behind us Joe, “What is on your agenda now?”