Last Updated on September 26, 2015 by Alex Brown-Hinds

27Speaking of Facebook, last week I admit I was briefly tricked when someone shared news that Chumlee, the 31-year-old simpleton pawnshop employee on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, had died. It caught my attention as I scrolled down my Facebook news feed because my husband is a fan of the show.

After a 30 second search online my colleague Chris discovered it was a hoax, more misinformation “authenticated and reported” by the online news tabloid site ebuzzd. While there is a lot about Facebook I like, the sharing, spreading and consuming of misinformation irritates me. And since I’m now in the Facebook sharing mood here are a few other things I “dislike” about the social media site:

• Just because something happened doesn’t mean it needs to be shared with every one on Facebook. There is a reason a secret is called a secret. There are some things that the world just doesn’t need to know.

• Speaking of sharing, every video posted cannot be the funniest video ever.

• And yes, I enjoy taking a selfie as much as the next person, and while my phone may be full of them I don’t share them all on Facebook. I know it’s hard to believe, but they are not all self- portrait masterpieces.

To all my Facebook “Friends” once I share this on my Facebook page, please feel free not to “like” the post, or even “unfriend” me if you think I’m talking about you… and oh yeah, that reminds me, I can’t stand when someone decides to “purge” their friends list and has to let everybody know, just do it!

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