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team fontana

Emotional fans filled Boston’s Fenway Park on Sunday to witness New York Yankee’s captain Derek Jeter play the last game of his outstanding 20-year career. FAREWELL CAPTAIN t-shirts, signs, and #2 CAPTAIN jerseys honored a man who one sports journalist called an “example of greatness through steadiness.”

Another reporter said he was “so good, for so long, so impeccably consistent, so trustworthy.” And as captain others feted his ability to rally his team with unflinching poise and control. Over his two decade career Jeter was considered cool, calm, and clutch.

Like Derek Jeter, Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren is captain of a team right here in the Inland Empire. And no it’s not a sports team. They call themselves Team Fontana and I joined them Saturday afternoon for the grand opening of their campaign headquarters on Marygold Street off Sierra Avenue. Candidates & incumbents present at the event were: Mayor Warren; Assembly member Cheryl Brown; Councilman John Roberts; Councilman Michael Tahan; Matt Slowik, Jesse Armendarez and Dr. Ayanna Blackmon-Balogun for Fontana Unified School Board; Tonia Lewis for City Clerk; and Janet Koheler-Brooks for City Treasurer.

Like Jeter, as a city leader Warren is impeccably consistent and trustworthy. And Team Fontana understands that they rise and fall together and as elected leaders they represent the diversity of political parties, ethnicities, and genders. Their common thread is a commitment to improving the quality of life for the residents of their city and surrounding communities.

As a city they have balanced the budget every year without new taxes. They approved and built a library and technology center that hosts over one million visitors each year. They attracted new businesses while retaining the old – I couldn’t believe the expansive industrial office park located south of the 10 Freeway. And they rank the 15th safest city in America.

When asked by a reporter what he meant by doing things “My Way” in a recent commercial, Jeter said, “I can honestly say I don’t think anyone played harder. I don’t think anyone had more of an effort. Every single day I went out there, I tried to have respect for the game and tried as hard as I possibly could.” Not only is Team Fontana and their captain Acquanetta Warren trying hard, they are succeeding. In my opinion, they have earned our vote.

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