Last Updated on July 22, 2015 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.There are three practical reasons I have never hated anybody. First, my family and my boyhood all-Black community were very loving. I enjoyed friends and strangers who demonstrated true caring for each other by doing nice things “just because” and “just for me.” Such, I have never seen again while living in various places of the USA and the world. Second was seeing up-close hatred’s devastation to a human’s body, mind, and spirit—e.g. exchanging the terribly unhappy mindset of self-absorption to nurse the consuming passion of hate and thus losing the “ME/WE” benefits of that person’s full talents. Third were realizations from medical school studies of how hatred ‘corrodes/erodes’ the body. To elaborate, a human’s brain “Hate Circuit,” located in sub-cortical areas, includes the medial frontal gyrus, right putamen, premotor cortex, and medial insula. This means Hate involves both the interior, primitive (Brute) brain parts–implying those parts developed relatively late in human evolution. Perhaps that development was spurred 45,000 years ago as a result of Ice Age conditions causing ‘Scarcity” of everything needed for survival. Furthermore, I believe, “Scarcity Survival” activated the normally dormant Brute Brain portion of the Ancient (Reptilian) Brain and maintained an excessive and constant hormone production. In turn, those hormones no doubt generated activities in other parts of the body. Such chronically stressful effects on the networks they influence ‘corrode/erode’ body aspects. Resultant biological dysregulations embrace physiological impairments which interfere with ones metabolism, immune response, or organ function. Consequences are physical diseases—e.g. high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, migraine or other types of headaches, skin disorders, digestive problems, alcohol and drug (“Street” or prescribed) abuse, chronic pain, excessive and early skin wrinkling, and slow premature death.

Once the cortical zone’s premotor cortex of the “Hate Circuit” is activated, part of ones “Fight-Flight-Fright” motor planning preparation concerns ones executions for possible attack or defense. All of this implies that hating somebody heightens ones judgment and ones ability to assess what the perceived “enemy” is likely to do next so as to prepare what is needed to initiate aggressive behavior. If that “enemy” is constantly present or is constantly brought to mind (e.g. by conversations with peers, by the media, by pictures, by stereotypes) then ones mind is surreal—one part centered on physical world matters; another busily involved in generating and perfecting a collage of an Icon Image consisting of the “enemy” as a Supernatural Contingent Being ‘monster’. The consuming focus on ways to harm, injure, or otherwise extract revenge means ones time, energy, and efforts are devoted to “war” strategies and not ones higher intellect. A huge segment of the world’s population has been socialized to believe that a mindset of “war” is all there is.  The word “War” comes from prehistoric Germanic ‘strife’—as in ‘striving’ (C13) together in quarreling, struggle, and conflict.

A battling mindset is filled with Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress intent, powered by belligerence. In life’s ‘big picture’ of Particular things, their following of the Telescope Concept means that understanding their multiplicity relationships to each other leads to them dissolving into a Unity. Such is like ‘telescoping’ all aspects of an apple tree back into its “Seed”—a “Seed” containing the secret meaning and mysticism underlying all there is in and about that tree + its relationship to other trees. Hate means one only sees the Particulars—e.g. a worm-eaten “leaf” about the “enemy” and/or desired poisoned apples from winning the “war.” Evil dealings with Hate fashioned Particulars is “Exciting”–an “Excitement” flawed because whatever is acquired, assuming it is acquired, is only temporary. The reason is that there is never “Enough” of hating or warring or gaining benefits. Satanists who lead the public’s mind in a “war” direction make all-out efforts to hide the fact that Unity embracing diversity means all benefit. Unity concepts can only derive from developing ones higher intellect into Spiritual and Metaphysical realms—a mindset which generates order, understanding, insights, and compassion as to how to have a thriving and happy life for all. Personally, to lock myself into an entanglement with anything concerning Hate prevents my chance of Happiness and does physical damage. I love myself too much to do self-harm.