Last Updated on September 2, 2015 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD.People who are “Self-Unknown” design philosophies of life (POL) out of fantasy concepts that go in the direction of an Inferiority Complex and/or a Superiority Complex. These ingredients derive from their circumstances and how they choose to live out of those circumstances. Perhaps for primitive Europeans such concerned “Survival Scarcity.” Then, with a greed intent, their chosen means to overcome this was by Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate/Oppress methods. Since newborn humans start life thinking with Images, maybe Warriors’ immature and mechanical thoughts were imaged. Examples: Armor was for mental and physical defense mechanisms; strategically assessing significant problems was done from an Adaptive mechanical perspective (e.g. if X happens, do Z); troubleshooting utilized a mechanical process to locate problems and for repairs by mechanical patterns. Both warring and dancing were done mechanically. By being solely oriented to the Physical realm (a mechanical tendency) meant it was an easy next step for these Warriors to extend their “structured” way of looking at things into the realms of their environment, their culture, themselves, their victims, their gods, their thriving, and the Supernatural—pursuing/fixing each mechanically. Such a mechanical association of concepts meant primitive Europeans’ mechanical language was applied automatically, even to organic things; for mechanically solving anything; and to have a false sense of “all is well” from that one ‘broken’ thing having been properly handled mechanically.

As today, it was “Fear” that first brought ideas of gods into primitive Europeans’ minds—a fear leading them to “construct” gods out of their own warring appearance and imbue those Images with warrior thoughts, emotions, and deeds. Resultant Contingent Being gods were fantasized to make happen what they desired–Desires to satisfy their brutish animalist lifestyle. Hence, their ‘constructed’ gods symbolized gross immorality standards, filters, guides, and measures which Warriors eagerly imitated–like the deity Thor (‘thunder’)—for whom Thursday was named (Thor’s Day). He was common to all early Germanic peoples—a great warrior represented as a red-bearded, middle-aged White man of enormous strength and an implacable foe to the harmful race of giants. The thunderbolt, representing his hammer, was his featured attribute–in the manner that the GUN is the supreme attribute—the absolute means of all power for today’s European males. Ancient Europeans expressed this Supernatural state in terms of a machine—a mechanization taking reason out of its earthly domain and converting it to “Non-Rational” (Emotions + Left Brain) decisions and solutions. Their Supernatural cult rules put ‘Boundaries on the Boundless,’ including making mechanical the Cosmic Organism. The Greek Euripides(480-406 BC) illustrated this by saying: “The way of God is complex. He [a gender boundary on their God] is hard for us to predict. He moves the pieces and they come somehow into a kind of order”—implying a mechanical universe.

Life-Living by displays of their Brute Brains in an Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism Complex mindset (IHES) forms continue from primitive European times. Hence, any IHES deeds are driven by Obsessions (a persistent uncontrollable impulse to think certain thoughts) and Compulsions (uncontrollable impulse to be a certain way or carry out certain actions irresistibly). Claims for such an obsessive-compulsive nature derive from a “Numinous” mysterious Contingent Being–beyond their control, too big to think about, and too  powerful to resist. Yet, it serves “Killer” police urges to: (1) gratify their own Lower (animalistic) Self Fetters, “Dark Side” Desires; (2) to being wed to the GUN with an eagerness to use it; (3) to soothe their insecurity and self-hate “Raw Nerve”; (4) to be honored by their cult for being arrogant ‘Individualist Conformists’; and (5) to experience the power associated with disregarding others rights, equity, and hallowed customs. One dumbness of the Machine Concept implies that humans do the same thing all the time without change, like fool-proof machines. Seeing themselves as mechanical justifies being “coldly” disconnected from fellow humans; stereotyping “those people” as insignificant Chimera sub-humans to be feared; doing inhumane things to them without any compassion. At every opportunity, killing scapegoats in particular gives them “sick” pleasures and makes them want to do more and more.