Last Updated on September 2, 2015 by Paulette Brown-Hinds

Dr. Joseph A. Bailey, II, MD.“Mystique” (1891, French, mystic), a peculiar Magic family member, defies denotation and relies on any given Crowd’s connotative meaning. Such meanings are based upon variables—e.g. do they like the person or not; where are they positioned on the Metaphorical Ladder extending from the Supernatural to the Spiritual; what is their philosophy of life; and what do they honor? Nonetheless, dictionaries define “Mystique” as an atmosphere of mystery about someone or something. Unanswered are: “what causes that atmosphere? And what is a Mystery?” Whereas total Ignorance is not knowing that one does not know something at hand, a Mystery is incomplete Ignorance in that one is aware of a “that it is” of a “Thing,” but knows not its “what it is,” “what it does,” “how it appears,” “how it is composed,” “how it came about,” or “where it is going.” Its “that it is” insides consist of an Association of Ideas which begin and end in a shroud, as each day lies between two nights. Mystique atmospheres, like Magical Spells, created by associations of things done, cause observers to say: “How did she/he do that and what enabled her/him to overcome the obstacles when nobody else has ever been able to?” As a result, complex transcendental or semi-mystical beliefs and attitudes are directed toward or developed around her/him or institutions or ideas or pursuits or symbols–all enhancing the Image of who or what is generating the “Mystique.”

The story of this special esoteric skill or mysterious faculty begins with Primitive African Shamans’ discovery that in light Trance states they could see geometric Shapes, called Form-Constants. These outward Embodiments of the Eternal, containing Messages of the Creative Will, possess the life potentiality to act in daily living. Its Message consists of the “What” and the “Why” in the form of a Species of Primary Qualities which, as Legend Icon Images, inhere (i.e. innately) in Spiritual Substance. This Species—i.e. a Family of ‘like-kind’ Class realities, differ greatly in appearance among themselves, but are yet very closely related in their Essence (i.e. their “What it is”) nature. As a series of forms having Significance, all reflect a common and unifying underlying element—formed as Paradigms (‘patterns’). As Trance deepens, a Legend Icon Image, being an archetypal (Seed) principle of unified multiplicity, presents in many shapes. The Shaman then selects certain shapes emerging out of Form-Constants; studies their Significance as they change into things governing the Shaman’s particular culture; and extract from the contents and the Shape what is peculiar to enhancing that Shaman’s Vision of seeing invisible essences others are unable to see, as with discerning similarities in the dissimilar as well as uniqueness in similarities. Visions present the Truth, like a landscape to the eye. Very Ancient African Sages discovered the principle underlying all technology to be the twin variables of Shape and Materials. A Thing’s Shape, they said, is a pattern of energy movement frozen in space to which Nature gives a unique specific power. To know a Shape’s pattern provides the key to unlocking the Shape’s secret powers–whether dealing with higher Spiritual realities, psychological or behavioral patterns, energy patterns, or actual structures manifested in the Physical world.

By patterns of Spiritual Energy movement and its Shape’s specific power conforming to African Sages mathematically derived Laws of Nature enabled the maneuvering and manipulation of them into Thought arenas of special interest. As is, these Paradigm Form-Constant Thoughts–or their Prototype off-spring, or modified copies of them–are useful for producing constructive External World work products or solutions. Also, these Thought products are: (1) a real, stable, permanent part of the world; (2) are absolute, universal, and true for all time, regardless of their Form; (3) exist whether perceived by humans or not; and (4) are responsible for what occurs in the material world. Since these Paradigm Form-Thoughts are specialized patterns, blueprints, or plans, intuiting them enables one to get to the core of and spotlight the essence ingredients of an “Esoteric” something. That Knowledge is a Disposition for the “What” and “Why” Message having an orienting Inclination and particular focus which, if manifested, provides Spiritual Element products for the senses. To Physical/Supernatural realm limited thinkers, these varied Primary Quality off-spring products have a “Mystique”–products routinely produced by Black Africans.