Winter is finally trudging along, and for a number of us those cooler temperatures are still a force to be reckoned with. But regardless of the situation, it’s a given that all of us have places to go and things to power through, which is exactly why the right scarf can help tie together the styles for a wide range of occasions.

Depending on fabric or design, choices of scarves tend to vary, so it’s key to make sure you’ve equipped yourself with the proper scarf for any situation. For instance, it’s fairly common that the older you get, you may find yourself leaning more towards a more simple selection, one that’s more suitable for your current lifestyle. Now this isn’t necessarily a boring move, but rather a smart one that simply favors functionality over bells and whistles.

Here we’ve listed some specific scenarios for the modern man wherein different flavors of scarves should help prep you in balancing that perfect mix of style and function.


Scarf Type: Comfortable and cozy

Let’s be honest – if you’re headed to the local corner store, it’s often a quick and lazy trip. For the most part, we’re probably staying in our sweatpants, especially if it’s for something minor. And because of this, any sort of winter accessorizing is going to be played down. A flannel wool scarf option works since it’ll give you that flexibility to layer effortlessly, without anything getting in the way. And as a bonus, it’s snug enough to keep you warm. Tack on a t-shirt, scarf around the shoulders, jacket on top, and you’re off on that quick snack run in literally five seconds flat.


Scarf Type: Light and nimble

Maybe it’s not blistering cold outside, but you still need that extra bit of something to protect your neck from chilly winds. If you’re headed out to meet a friend over a meal and the winter elements are slightly forgiving, a lightweight scarf option might do the trick. This is a dope and subtle move when you want to walk the lines between casual and fly. Paired with a clean topcoat, it could offer a touch of freshness and sophistication.

Dark tones like navy, burgundy, and olive are very well suited here for how well they pair with other forms of fall and winter wear; but don’t let that stop you from venturing into lighter gray territory.


Scarf Type: Textured and visually interesting

Sometimes the occasion calls for some full flexin’, which means it’s time to polish up. Particularly at an industry mixer or event, you may find yourself pushing for something more sartorial by nature, with richer, more dynamic layers and fabrics brought into the mix…read more on bevelcode.comBevel//Code, Grooming & Style for Men of Color



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