Longer, brighter days are finally here and the opening lines of the song ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ have never felt as relevant as they do now.

Winter is already yesterday’s news, signaling the retirement of all those rugged-terrain boots, down-feather parkas, and merino wool head-to-toe accessories (until next year, anyways). Spring on the other hand, is notoriously symbolic for shedding the heavy load, clearing the clutter, and entering into the rest of the year with a completely fresh palette – our wardrobe selections bearing no exception.

The style vision we’re seeing for the upcoming season is a welcomed one, carrying one important overall theme: Classic Comfort. And to help you kickstart that winter-to-spring shift, consider a few key factors if you plan on moving correctly and functionally for the next few months.


The thickness of your fabrics and quantity of layering are something to consider. There are a ton of different ways to approach this – for instance, instead of a thick bomber. Instead, switch over to something more breathable like a windbreaker or thin cotton jacket. You might also consider that hoods serve less of a function as the weather warms, meaning it shouldn’t hurt to make the shift to lighter-weight crewneck options. And on the accessories spectrum, beloved beanies can easily be interchanged with ball caps, which (trust us) you’ll probably gain hella functionally points for while battling those glaring sun rays.


Sneaker season is back! On the frontier of footwear, sneaker brands are placing heavy spring/summer emphasis on tennis shoes and classic silhouettes. Which means companies like adidas, Reebok, and Puma are going all-in on anti-tech, essentially translating to a wave of minimalistic, simple, and classic models. Not only is this good news for casual wear, but it’ll make anyone’s life easier that is looking to find shoes to pair off seamlessly with pretty much anything in the wardrobe. #ThePowerofWhiteShoes

That being said, running shoes are still prominent this season. It’s a style that injects that feel-good walkability into both active and casual outfits, leaving people wondering why it hasn’t been this way all along. With the influx of Flyknit, Primeknit, and Boost technology, the worlds of casual comfort has never looked better.


We’re still big fans of all-black-everything, but when the sun’s out, it’s tough to completely neglect the other spectrums. Generally speaking, weather is always a good indicator of which colors are rockable and it’s always a fresh look to brighten things up to compliment the current situation…Read more at bevelcode.com

Words by Randy Em

Feature Photo: Gentry NYC