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Hetep is an inner Stillness and Peace inside the Quiet of a human’s Unconscious. Awareness of this came when I learned of the Creek and Cherokee Indian part of my heritage. Research spotlighted they strove to have quiet inner worlds within themselves as well as a peaceful outer world with others. A path for the latter is: “Great Spirit, grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked for a moon in his moccasins.” This was followed by Thoughtfulness—i.e. figuring out, inside Compassion settings, the bull’s eye thing for making the life of the other(s) a little easier in a given situation—and immediately doing that good thing with Good Manners. Thoughtfulness for them and my wonderful all-Black community was natural (effortless) and spontaneous (happening of itself)—the essence of “ME/WE” sharing exchanges. Another Amerindian Quietness act I admired and copied as a boy was to walk so lightly in the forest as to not crack dry leaves. I use that to fashion a Quiet Life. So, Step I is to make Hetep type practices a habit. To personally conform, I first decided to stop Blaming anybody for anything. The first year, 85% was eliminated; the second year, 10%; but it took 3 years to shed the last 5%. Step II: Stay in charge and control of yourself; what you do; and the situation you are in so as to take care of the “womb of your Heart”. Yet, when “stuff happens,” I “damp-down” all Anger/Rage emotional reactions by giving myself 30 seconds to rant, rave, have self-pity, and say the very worst about what is to be said. Then, when time is up, I say: “Now, I will resume self-control.” If more bits and pieces of such emotions appear, I write out every little tid-bit until absolutely nothing is left. Next, I completely let go of my “up-set-ness” Setting/Situation so as to immediately return to being about “ME/WE” benefits. Such is done by seeing things in the setting/situation as “the way they are”–realizing people are being “who they are” and “doing what they do.” In short, “THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!”

Step III: Since all humans are born with Selfhood Greatness (from being made in the likeness of the Supreme Being), ones duty is to avoid all Selfhood harm–not allow anyone else to do so—and keep away from situations where harm could come. The same applies to the “ME” Caring for the “WE”. Since being Indifferent, Enraged, and/or Hate-filled are self-destructive to ones mind, body, and spirit, there are no benefits to them and thus ought not to be engaged in at all. Step IV: With diligence, the brain’s “neuro-plasticity” (i.e. the brain changing with the type of learning to which it is exposed) capabilities can reverse all Extreme Despair/Depression associated with ones Chronic Omnibus Brain overuse. List all self-defeating habits—prioritize them so as to get to the MVP (most vital problem) and start work on the MVP first with either of two methods. The Check Method is to resolve the MVP by: (1) discovering the “Trigger Seed” of the problem’s Cause, perhaps starting in early childhood; (2) replace mindset paths it fashioned with Human Ideals drawn from Ancient African Philosophy. (3) Extract, Learn, correct self-defeating lessons of ones “Fragility” over mental, physical, spiritual, emotional aspects of which one can control; (4) apply lessons learned to present and future situations—either to assist in correction of problems or, at least to know what to avoid when facing like-kind future situations; (5) make retributions to persons, places, or Things adversely affected; (6) lay out a Plan whereby that “Trigger Seed” mistake one made will never be repeated.

(7) Do this process for each problem on the list as well as for each of ones problematic lifestyle habits (e.g. “Escapes” into Flashing Light Gadget addictions) one has built around the “Trigger Seed”—and handle each problem into a non-issue. Allow bad habits to die of starvation from lack of use. (8) Place lessons learned from each of the studied and corrected problems into applicable aspects of ones life in order to make better, faster, smarter mistake-free progress to ones destinations. (9) From now being self-empowered to be courageous, strong, and powerful, proceed along a Human Ideal path which makes happen ones Talents and Mission in life.  Step X: Do the hard work to get to and stay in good mental, physical, and spiritual health. A significant part of this is spending time in Nature. Yet, if one has to do urgent self-correction, then use the Bridge Method–i.e. go “straight ahead” from where one is and directly to where one desires to be. When that problem is handled, return to the Check Method so as to complete the unfinished.; JABLifeSkills;


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS