Just because they say it is so does not make it so” was made crystal clear to me from my European dominated educational system. Since then, doing 55 years of intensive Black History research–starting in 200,000 BC when Humankind appeared in Ethiopia, Africa’s Afar beautiful, snow-capped Rwenzori (“rainmaker”) Mountains—that has been my invariable experience. Most instances have derived from intensively studying significant life-shaping and life-changing words. Such is part of publishing 20 Afrocentric dictionaries (averaging 600 pages each)–often going through up to 1000 books per word. To accept what is not purely in keeping with the Cosmic Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural is to fashion false beliefs and opinions by which to live life. They, based upon unexamined assumptions, are often so flawed as for one to wind up in a cesspool of thoughts, feelings, expressions, and deeds. Being socialized and taught things that “SEEM” right conditions people to embrace deceptions they are told–or what “everybody” says/does—both added to their “SEEMs” right concepts. Stubbornly, they are ‘deaf, dumb, and blind’ to anyone who tells them to reassess all thoughts on their path of what they deem to be “Right.” Such is reinforced by them having fashioned a lifestyle of being “familiar” and “comfortable” with the way things are. So, they refuse to disturb themselves. For the extremely tiny few who want a successful Thriving and Happy life by striving to achieve–live in—and keep living up to their birth gifts’ potential, I strongly recommend they accept nothing of mental significance without first carrying it through what experience has taught me. This rigid “Bailey’s Test” is: “to only proceed from “home base” with ones plans–without friendship or hearsay input// and not dependent on traditions, customs, beliefs, faith, or “everybody” agreeing — when all of  the issue’s components have been examined, researched, reflected upon, and tested// — and one finds they “fit” with ones education, training, experience, instincts, intuition, insights, reason, common sense// — while one is in its  Spiritual Elements flow// — and it “Feels Right”!!! Let us consider today’s European dominated teaching systems.

My European teaching approach was being given Theory (which properly concerns dealing with Abstracts and Abstractions) that led to Practice. Foundational was to gather and group “Facts” so general laws or conclusions could be drawn from them. Yet, they failed to define “Facts”. If a few Successes happened, they did by Chance, by “trial-and-error,” and/or from Experiments which followed the surest rules, demonstrations, and conformities to proven patterns. That is an okay approach for Superficial people but not for deep, creative Thinkers. As evidenced by the word “Facts” being continuously used, this pattern persists as falsely implying “Facts” equate to Truth. That acceptance ‘as is’ ignores the various ways “Fact” has been and can be used—without the used sense being explained for Receivers’ orientation. Originally, the Western “Fact” (1539, evil deed) was opposed to Knowledge (the “what it is” of a thing)–meaning something that had occurred. By C16, “Fact” (‘something done or happens’) expanded to include an actual occurrence or an alleged (in law, ranging from an opinion claimed to be true but not yet proved) circumstance (occurring in connection with another fact or event—also not established as true). When Fact further embraced an ‘actually is’ work product or an objective thing, its meanings became even more hopelessly confusing. One reason is Europeans limit their “Truth” focus to only the Supernatural (a fantasy realm) operating inside the Physical/Material Planes of existence while disregarding Spiritual Seeds which form actual Truths.

So, “Facts” refer to “truths” describing Reality, as given by “experts”. Yet, those “experts” have no established sound and solid way to arrive at Truth. This was crystalized by Pythagoras (480-411 BC) who, after spending 22 years in Egypt where he learned “God is the measure of all things”, returned home to Greece and eliminated the God element. He said: “Man is the measure of all things”—and not God. What he meant was that things exist by virtue of how [European] man perceives them to be. Thus, the objective world is measured against man—and there is nothing outside man that determines “Being” or Truth. Any rational person knows perceptions have no possibility of being complete truths about anything. At best, humans, at best, can only perceive reality bits/pieces filtered through their limited, bias, prejudiced intellect–each conveying non-truths. jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com