The term “Vicious Cycle” arose out of ancient Greek Sophist’s fallacy of “Circular Argument” (‘begging the question’ by arguring in a circle). Vicious means impaired or spoiled by fault. Circle is a mode of reasoning whereby the premise presumes the conclusion; then the same conclusion is used to prove the proposition—thus having no real meaning starting place—like a dog chasing its tail. Hence, Vicious Cycle describes a situation in which the solution of one problem creates other problems whose solution is incompatible with the original circumstances. This bad complexity situation gets worse and worse with each cycle. Example: an overweight person is so frustrated because of it as to eat more and thus gain more weight. From feeling powerless to stop the vicious process, and thus a failure, the Effects of whirling in the Vicious Cycle is like sliding down a Slippery Slope to some terrible, unknown disaster at the bottom. Vicious cycles arise out of any number of Self-Defeating Self-Creationsof bad things that keep going round-and-round, preventing one from ever getting out. One is a “big bang” + cumulative psychic traumas–which together–continuallygather volume, depth, strength, and intensity to produce more and more huge problems made vicious cycles by impulse emotional dealings. Such include self-defeating Icon fantasies and distorted perceptions in ways of thinking, feeling, expressing, and behaving, as with a “slipping and sliding, peeping and hiding” lifestyle. Or, wrong information from improper word definitions or unexamined assumptions causing ones Beliefs/Opinions. These “Normal Variant” ways do flawed viewings which “SEEM” right but actually are bad seed deceptions. Next, any seed evolves one undesirable thing after another, each leading to much bigger problems than the sum of their parts—which, in turn, lead to worse ones still—etc.

In trouble-shooting, a cause(s) of any Vicious Cycle may be from countless possibilities, like: (a) dealing with only one link in some interrelationship that interferes with a connection of two or more parts; (b) paying attention to only the general idea within that one link when that idea conflicts with a Principle of Correspondence; (c) improperly linking things to create wrong interrelationships, resulting in misleading understandings and actions; (d) overlooking certain meanings in certain links; (e) failing to do a good job with 2+ links with respect to arranging or combining them for proper meaning; or (f) having ignored a link completely. Any of these cause one to have flawed or limited ideas. Therefore, one stays frustrated–a set-up for inefficiency and ineffectiveness–a set-up for conveying or starting a cascade of wrong intensions, message, meanings–a set-up for confusing Receivers—a set-up for treadmill ideas. An analogy for these courses of action is the Bowling Ball Concept.Normally, the ball’s front pin hit sets off a domino reaction of knocking down all the pins to thereby get a strike. But if the pins are haphazardly arranged, a strike will not occur. The formation of all Bad Habits follows a similar process. When one is inside a Vicious Cycle, with a sense of Selfhood-Failure (drained of power) from not getting “strikes,” Mathematical Assessments and Troubleshooting steps are called for in order to locate and correct where one is off the Truth-Track. Thus, any discovered means for breaking vicious cycles contribute to restoring ones Private Selfhood Self-Esteem Personal Power that comes from the “5Ss” of Safety, Security, Sureness/Self-Confidence, Strength, and Stability.

The focus for resolving any type of Vicious Cycle is on its keystone. Like the central block of an arch, a keystone of ones problems is the controlling influence upon which the big and subordinate problems depend.  Examples: An answer for breaking out of certain Vicious Cycles is to force oneself to read pertinent information about role models possessing a similar philosophy of life, Talent, and Mission to see how they dealt with their problems. Or, if one is doing needless “juggling,” stemming from failing to take care of business where it is required—then look inside oneself for the Keystone flaw. Or, for huge family problems, its initiator may have not spent adequate time to prevent a family member from staying out of trouble. Handle each Keystone immediately so as to prevent more evolving trouble likely to require more juggling. Prevention of Keystones is to not accept needless hardships as well as to handle completely each Keystone Problem as soon as it appears. This requires thinking carefully about every significant thing you do of a “ME/WE” Disharmony nature.