Africans’ “ME/WE” Legacy objective is to give ones gifts where it will do the most good, for the most people, over the longest period of time. Yet, to form such a Masterpiece calls on many of ones skilled mental disciplines (e.g. creativity) and combined with ones diversified Soul Sunshine Attributes so all can be arranged into harmonious fits. But doing this is unlike Craftsmen’s works who know exactly what they want to produce. Or, of Artisans, like sign painters, who follow customs. Or, of the Artistic who enjoy designing creative “I-did-it-my-way” products. A unique feature of any Masterpiece’s life is its ingredients do not result from some great and solitary happening present in ones life. Rather, their background Setting makes them outcomes of many years of “working” by thinking in common with ones Ancestors so that experiences of the Theme and mass are behind the single voice. There, one may derive meanings into complexity and multiplicity Patterns–perhaps by gaining insight into such things as the common in the uncommon; the uncommon in the common; Inner Similarities in things with dissimilar appearances; discern uniqueness in similarities—or create into a Void. From this and from Contemplation, one gathers the Quartet of Knowledge, Truth, Principles, and Wisdom for use as tools to evolve towards ones Highest Self. All are Soul Courage-powered  through ones moral Conscience filter, selecting what is natural by its conformity to Processes of Nature. From those meanings, options are provided into realms for unifying what it takes to make ‘workable’ decisions and solutions for unique Settings and Situations. Their continued use in fun-type Mind Training ways leads to processes with abilities to Reproducibly make Excellence Routine—in ways similar to, but harder than, physical training.

A Masterpiece Legacy left as a gift to benefit a tiny piece of the world is the second objective of Right Life Living, says the Ancient African Bible. The African word “Legacy” (‘connect’) came from the idea of a limb of a tree being separated from the tree and yet joined to it. Another name for a limb is a leg and a leg is something to stand on. African elders would hand “legs” over to youth so as to ensure those “legs” will continue “to walk” into the future. In transposing this idea, a Legacy is a gift to be delivered from generation to generation, even to those yet unborn. A legacy work is much like transplanting the limb of an apple tree so the new tree can grow to produce its own apples. In the case of human beings, “the limb” or “leg” one leaves to the world may be good thoughts, good feelings, good approaches, good methods, good techniques, a good piece of work, a good set of values, insightful visions, or patterns for living and for progressing down the right path. Generic areas for one using ones Talents to head toward ones Mission in life include: (1) to Create, Enhance, and Maintain Harmony on the positive scale; (2) to help them Reduce, Prevent, Defend against and/or overcome Disharmony blocking forward progress on the Positive Scale; and (3) to slow, stop, and/or reverse their adverse progress on the negative scale. The springboard for any human’s Talent comes out of the four broad categories of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Most people Talents are mosaics, nuances, or subdivisions of any given one. Exposure enables making the determination for gifts to then flow spontaneously. Master legacy workers, who fashion world masterpieces, synthesize products from their prism of Icon Image Forms and freedom of imagination. These creatively play together  so nature, humanity, and Need meet in what is most “workable” for the situation and people involved.

Insights into what ones Legacy is about may come from thoroughly studying the subject of Gifts. Ones Masterpiece work is to prepare the gift and make it readily available to the interested and to the Resistant. One is not responsible for how Receivers handle, ‘pick at’, ignore, or reject the gift. A masterpiece status is reached when: (1) nothing needs to be added and nothing needs to be taken away from the “what it is” Essence or from that Essence’s “what it does” and “how it appears” aspects; (2) when the very “being” of final work products elevates its creator–and hopefully others under its influence; (3) it stimulates one to creatively generate more mental and spiritual “doings” of a mental, social, physical, spiritual, or communication nature; and (4) it can be liken to a growing garden carrying potential feedings of its products to various “ME/WE” world parts —as in “Being With,” “Doing For,” or making what are Needed “Things” available to struggling people.