AllBlack youth can learn anything if they are taught by Ancient African standards, using Affect Symbolic Imagery and African Dialectic (today called the Socratic Method). Ancient Africans knew the supreme place for youth to learn was from the Processes of Nature and to absorb from them principles of Mathematics. This was because being in Nature’s congenial atmosphere is fun, above “right/wrong,” and–by being so busy “just doing it”–beyond having emotions colored by liking or disliking it. Since Nature and humans are an indivisible unity–like two sides of a coin—humans already “Know” much of Nature. Thus, youth readily become one with Nature while in a primal Universal “Non-Self” state of profound Peace (Hetep, Nirvana). This trains ones Subconscious mind Intuitive faculties which are yoked to God. By residing in higher regions of ones Brain/Mind, ones Intuitive faculties contain locked up involuted (wrapped up) perceptions of all Cosmic Truths (i.e. “First Knowledge”). They burst with Spiritual Energy to eagerly “do their “ME/WE” thing”. So, even a youth’s random collection of observations of Nature means some of them will be shared in common. Broadly, learning such knowledge, permanently shapes or changes one into conforming Think, Feel, Say, Do behaviors. Most powerful in influencing such Right Life Living is the “Spiritual Elements/Mathematics T Scale”. Metaphorically, it is situated on the Cosmic Organisms’ Spiritual Genetics River System. On the “T” Scale’s horizontal bar is the Unconditional Love Spirit aspect; on the vertical bar, River System Matter aspects; and Mathematics is their Theme. The “T Scale’s” purpose is to be a symbol  of the standards for “ME/WE” Right Life Living Benefits.

Those Benefits include: (1) creating, enhancing, or maintaining Harmony; (2) helping “ME/WE” be on the path leading one to: “Be Right,” “Do Right,” “Make Things Right,” and “Defend the Right”; (3) most appropriately demonstrating ones Self-Love for foundational Survival, Self-Protection, and Self-Preservation; (4) best Reducing, Preventing, and/or Defending against threats, disturbances, destruction, or any Disharmony; (5) slow, stop, and/or reverse any adverse progress on ones negative scale by overcoming all Disharmony blocking advancements; (6) help fashion a Philosophical Coping Warehouse for successfully and calmly overcome daily losses, lacks, and obstructions; (7) detecting and handling the ignorant, foolish, stupid, con-artist, or wicked as well as maneuver around their deceptions, threats, disturbances, or destructions to the degree possible; and (8) serve as standards, filters, guides, and measures for ensuring ones Talents and Missions stay within the Cosmic River System as ones Pre-Birth Emotions and Pre-Birth (“First Wisdom”) Intellect direct. To properly handle these 8 requires going within ones in-most boundless light of Reality where resides ones indwelling Cosmic Intelligence so as to arrive at a feeling of complete inseparability with the Cosmic Circle of Wholism. Such enables one to be in charge and control of ones Selfhood, of what one does, and of the Settings/Situations. This process: (a) starts with ones “Non-Self” which enables one to ‘see’ the “what it is”—“as it is” and “as it does it”–on all involved sides; (b) critically perceive pros/cons of each side; (c) give appropriate experiential insights that discern the real/unreal; (d) select the pertinent real Spirit and Matter ingredients for synthesis around its Mathematically ordered theme; (e) use Foresight(seeing ahead) soForethought can “figure out things” that Mathematically connect Cause with Effect or Source with Results; (f) plan for best “ME/WE” results by choosing the most ‘workable’ solution for reaching the most in Need, in the best way feasible, over the longest period of time, and in ways most able to cause rippling benefits.

The Quartet of “ME/WE” “tools” are: (I) Truth—awareness of the “Oneness” of all Life; (II) Knowledge–Illuminating Visions of the Truth underlying the “One Life”—whether in the Cosmos in general or in a given human’s Think, Feel, Say, and Do aspects; (III) Principles–any Mathematical evolution out of that Source-to-Result Vision is applicable anywhere in the Cosmic River System because it has Correspondence—i.e. Genetic Sameness in all Cosmic Entities but Uniqueness in each; (IV) Wisdom utilizes Truth, Knowledge, and Principles with Expertise and Skills to fashion Human Ideals out of the Spirit and Matter forms of the Setting and Situation. Its Self-Enlightenment has removed all self-limitations and all self-doubts so that one has Illuminating (“Oneness”) Visions and Courage to take on life’s toughest problems. This is the Good Life!!!