Part of human newborns’ Genius is in each “Knowing Thyself.” For the overwhelming majority of Toddlers, Earth World “Excitement” forms a Cloud over their Soul Sunshine so as to shift their life’s focus into themselves + External World happenings. Socializing fashions them to imitate set opinions, expressions, and ambitions that falsely “SEEM” right + make the “Right,” wrong. Being naïve means their monitored feedback from interpreted experiences with the world-dominant Fettered (mind shackled) Crowd leads them to adopt assigned bad roles and follow bad dictates. The Effect is each gives up who one is + Life Mission. Recovery is what Ancient Africans wrote on temple walls 14,000 years ago: “Man, Know Thyself”. The point is to discover the under-lying’s and the surroundings of what all is natural about oneself, in order to discover what is natural within oneself. This Introspective hard work of Inner “Know Thyself” Explorations is done by ones Reflections sliding intoContemplationi.e. ones in-most boundless light of Reality, where resides ones indwelling Cosmic Intelligence. Inside this Spiritual Elements Cosmic River System flow of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural, one is a vital “ME/WE”part of the Cosmic Organism “Oneness”. Now, Spiritual Elements furnish a first and continuous supply of: (1) Metaphysical Tools for guiding one through the maze of life; (2) supply into ones Private Selfhood the “5Ss” (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability), contentment, and happiness; (3) Standards against which one can compare how one is living; (4) diagnostic Guides/filters to know when something is of a harmonious/disharmonious nature; (5) a frame for all ones choices, decisions, and problem solving approaches/methods; (6) intimacy tools for “Heart-to-Heart” communications by being what every human fundamentally desires. The Elements cultivation begins/urges all Human Ideal self-improvement and are the place to start when one does not know what else to do. Their blockage is the “Home Base” of all anti-Love Platter expressions.

Those who transcend their minds/senses to get into their in-most illumination of “ME/WE” benefits, discover their infinite/eternal “Self” Divine Consciousness to be God-yoked. This mysticism arrival allows one to transcend barriers while absorbing inexpressible Cosmic Spirit Essences–called Intuitionan immediate understanding of the Truth, Knowledge, Principles, Wisdom Quartet–without calling upon Thought or Feelings. Intuition is spontaneous (happenings of themselves) Soul learning as a result of exposure to a Virtual Icon Image Pattern (a fully realized form of an Essence) conveyed by the Cosmic (God) Intelligence. Direct Reality is only known to humans who engage in “Feelings” (“a Spiritual Elements vibrating moving force”) via Mediation (i.e. a quiet observation which puts one into the reality of Cosmic “Oneness”). To “Feel” Reality’s identical Spiritual Elements is for it to mesh with the Spiritual Elements’ “Trademark” in each human Soul. Instincts, known by transcendental vibrations, are without limitations/boundaries of human thought so as to “experience” Harmonious Order. “Instincts” are but another name for the manifestation of the Creative Will of God (Ramacharaka, Gnani Yoga p60). The Cosmic Spirit, said African Sages, releases Spiritual Energy which flows through an individual via Instincts—a Cosmic (God) Intelligence generated “Feelings“. Since trying to determine Direct Reality is too complex for human minds to figure it out, ordinary Reasoning minds take “short-cuts,” using Thoughts (get into relations) as Symbols. Still, skilled Qualitative Algebra users can arrive at Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths and advance into the Esoteric (hidden). Spiritual Feelings messages are conveyed to receptive humans in the form of the “Voice of the Silence“. It consists of the Virtual Icon Image of the Cosmic Mind–vibratorily “says everything by not saying anything at all”–while “retaining everything by giving away everything.” Because it appears at just the right time, for use in a right specific situation, and without ones efforts, this Voice speaks the impossible–expresses the inexpressible and, in fact, is expressed inexpressibility. These features of Spiritual “Feelings” are grasped Intuitively. Theyare “all-or-none” in the way a woman is pregnant (a Spiritual event) or not. To benefit from the always Right Intuitions, “Feelings,” Instincts, Qualitative Algebra Principle Thinkersrequires one ‘get right with oneself’ + maintain a Free Mind + stay in the Cosmic River System and make all of ones “ME/WE” Products out of it