Human Genius, said Ancient African Sages, derives from the Infinite Supreme Being’s “Cosmic Oneness” Androgynic plast Genetics “Seed”. Its Spirit/Matter “God-Image”–itself “a kind of individualized fragment of the Supreme Being”–is instilled into each primal human within the Human Archetype Seed. It transfigures each ‘human-to-be’ Soul into a pure “Self” microcosm of Divine Consciousness, destined for eternity. Such a transcendence implies a human’s Soul, as a ‘drop’ of God, has all of God in that ‘drop’. So, like God, each, by itself, can reproduce itself, to become the thing it makes (e.g. Unconditional Love). Within that ‘drop’ is God-like powers to reach ones Selfhood Potentials using Omnipotence (unlimited, universal power) + Omnipresence(everywhere simultaneously by having “ME/WE Oneness” with all Real Creatures/Creations) + the Omniscience (Wisdom from possessing total knowledge of Cosmic Laws and thus of all within the “ME/WE Oneness,” as in knowing what is Spiritually best for each). Such Divine Powers, inside ones own Unconscious, is a human’s Genius! Being made in the likeness and image of God means ones Divine Powers’ Essence is directed into Spiritual Worth displays–e.g. Peace, Harmony, and Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural (what a real thing does in its “what it is” Identity state). They operate within the Soul’s context of instilled “First Knowledge”/“First Wisdom”—and are orchestrated into evolution by ones Mathematically oriented Pre-Birth Intellect. Despite being all one needs to handle life’s toughest issues, ones Divine Powers are primitive in Spirituality force until fully cultivated by all of ones faculties and abilities—e.g. mental, moral, physical, spiritual. Ancient Africans did that required Divine Powers cultivation. Hence, they were the World’s Mecca of great accomplishments in Civilization (e.g. in Humanity, Sciences, Government, Technology, Architecture development) and Culture (e.g. Intellectual achievements, Mathematics, Spirituality, Arts, Literature).

A human’s “Self” state Genetic “Seed” is pregnant with Matter, its Complementary Opposite. Matter adds Form to the Divinity “Self” of humans. Once that Form is established, then a human has a Spirit and a Matter (Value) “Intelligence”—both of Involuntary/Voluntary types. The Involuntary Spirit directs all by its Unconditional Love based “First Knowledge”/“First Wisdom” powers. Its directed Human Selfhood ingredients display includes such innately instilled Soul Sunshine Attributes as: Caring; Compassion; Courage; Creativity, Curiosity; Humor; Kindness; Play; Personal Power. These simply Naturally “flow” into whatever is appropriate in daily living, reacting to situations in instinct ways, similar to ones heart beat. So, one has no responsibility for either. In other words, if one remains as a Real Self, what spontaneously manifests without any effort in non-threatening situations is the dimension of the Love Platter—i.e. the instinct to Love, to spread Love; to receive being Loved unconditionally; and to be Lovable. It is ever striving for effortless “ME/WE” interactions. The same happens with Willed + Instinct thoughts, feelings, sayings, behaviors which stay inside the flow of ones Mathematically evolving Genius displays. Either way, in difficult Situations/Settings, ones Pre-Birth Emotions spur ones Genius to discern most appropriate new patterns out of ones Pre-Birth Intellect contents to use as Options. Then, pertinent independent Ingrediencies in a given Option are Maneuvered/Manipulated into arrangements/Rearrangements and Combinations/Re-combinations by Intellect’s Creativity into meaningful, ‘workable’ Patterns. Yet, Free Will allows doing otherwise.

Note: since human Genius is a likeness of the Cosmic (God) Genius, both discern the most relevant independent Ingredients to fashion into Patterns in preparation to interdependently integrate them into what is most adaptable and harmonious in bringing the issue to a satisfying close. Each Pattern has Mathematically inferred evolutionary Cosmic Intelligence which ensures the product is Indivisible, Compatible, Coherent, Complete, and Whole. It + Pre-Birth Emotions give Mathematical  order and organization throughout a given Pattern’s evolution so all can remain connected as a Cosmic “Oneness”. Cosmic/human Genius Intelligence ensures Pattern “Meaningfulness” by sustaining Truth (“Oneness” piece of all Life), Knowledge (Visions of the infinite in the finite), Wisdom (Cosmic Laws applications), and Spiritual Principles (evolving Truths from a selected Knowledge Vision).