Ancient African Sages said while in the illuminating Amenta’s dazzling “Black,” called the infinite “Other World,” the Cosmic (God) Intelligence emanated the ultimate Androgynic Plast “Seed” to fashion Spiritual Cosmic Laws.Its “Genes” are arranged and combined as en-folded Vibratory Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Hence, once evolved, each primal (first in time) ingredient’s unrealized reality Essence–itself pregnant with ingredients of its Essentials—displays its unique assigned duties into its Realization at its designated destination(s). Finite Cosmic Laws form a metaphorical vibratoryCircular Cosmic Spiritual Genetics River System. Unconditional Love–by interconnecting/interpenetrating all Real Creatures(e.g. Humans) and Creationseach comprising one of the multi-dimensional Cosmic tributaries–is the System’s ultimate unifying forceAccording to the Divine Plan, all ingredients inside the Plast “Seed” are in a Mathematical “Oneness” Order. Organization is the independent duties of each ingredient, all in such a proper relationship with each other as to enable them to work interdependently. During and after the Evolution of one and all Real Entities, the persistence of their Order and Organization means all remain Spiritually Connected—whether as stable (unchanging realities) Settings or as Situational Events (changing realities). Yet, all continue to interdependently work harmoniously together, no matter how remote in time/space or how varied in their displayed actualities (e.g. in transformed states). A reason the System is Circular is because all Real Entities in it spring from and eventually will return to its Cosmic Force Source. For example, the Divine Plan is for each human to maintain the same Vibration rate at final death as it possessed when in its first “Being-Hood” state. Ones Reincarnation is thereby ended. At primal (first in time) “Being-hood,” within the Soul of each ‘human-to-be’ is the instillation of a “Drop” of the image of God-like powers of Omnipotence (unlimited, universal power) + Omnipresence(everywhere simultaneously by having “ME/WE Oneness” with all Real Creatures/Creations) + the Omniscience (Wisdom of Cosmic Laws).

These Genius Divine Powers, upon proper cultivation in Right Life Earth Living, are infinitely more than enough for any human to handle all of life’s toughest presentations. Some reasons include the following. First, from the Cosmic ultimate Genetic Plast “Seed,” by a human’s Soul being instilled with Cosmic (God) Intelligencemeans this is a human’s Divine Consciousness “Self” Genius. That Highest Divinity “Self” is pregnant with a human’s Lower (Animalistic) Self Intelligence. A human’s Lower (Animalistic) Self Intelligence consists of Instincts (which African Sages said express the Will of God); a natural affinity to work as a subordinate partner with its Highest Divinity “Self” Complementary Opposite; and the Free Will to switch from a Real Self over to a False Self and thus be shackled with Fetters (C8, Indo-European), like a “brain-chained” confinement equating to being “handcuffed”. Destructive Fettered minds–forged by such passions as greed, lust, arrogance, power, control—can never be free or engage in the Spiritual Quartet of Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, or Principles because they are of the “Devil’s party”. They are highly skilled in terrible wicked shrewdness. Yet, ones Real Self  natural course is to stay within and develop “ME/WE” life products out of the Spiritual Genetics River System. By Unconditional Love being the Cosmic System Life unifier means Truth is any piece of its “Oneness.”

In Real Self Earth World living, ones Divine nature is orchestrated by ones Genius of Divine Powers derived from the Plast “Seed”. Ones Animalistic Intelligence has a pre-birth Divine part applied to Instinct Survival, the First Law of Nature + Earth World Acquired portions. In Real Self Earth World living, ones Divine and Animalistic natures spontaneously join, as for Self-Protection, Self-Preservation, Reproduction + in “ME/WE” benefits from companionship, Friendship, mutual support/aid, charity, Generosity, Courtesy, Courage, Prudence, Fairness, Honorableness, Simplicity. Awareness of “ME/WE” benefits is called Knowledge since it is Vision of the Infinite inside the finite. Wisdom is ones Knowledge spurring ones Genius to reveal and develop ones Talent. A Spiritual Principle displays by using evolving Truths from a selected Knowledge Vision to urge ones Talent to  be a vehicle to “Uplift others, as one Climbs into ones Highest Self.”