People in Emotional Pain, or its even worse counterpart, Spiritual Pain, can date the Cause to some “Big Bang” Trauma and/or Cumulative Micro-Traumas. Thereafter, how their minds feel about its effects is to grossly exaggerate the ‘happenings’ by misusing their Imaginations into Worry. That Worry—which cannot be localized into a specific image—as well as worrying other people can use “radar vision” to see their fearfulness and weakness—causes them to make fantasy interpretations.  Those interpretations gained from the monitored feedback they get from outside influences about what they are experiencing are combined to their Worry to fashion a Self-Image of absurd imagined creations–like their “Raw Nerve” being a “skinned monster” with exposed, inflamed nerves all over. Their Chimera beliefs generate pain caused by the huge bundle of inflamed nerves. They are ashamed of being so afflicted as to wear one face for themselves and another for the multitude. In turn, that so bewilders them as for them to no longer know which one may be true, but neither are. Their great pretenses wall off the mental “ugly” while they hope their “emptiness” will not be seen. Hence, one is using great effort in trying to hide a non-exsistent unknown “Raw Nerve”. No matter how bad they are treated by others, that is not as bad as someone seeing or knowing about their make-believe “Raw Nerve.” So, the fashioning of a life for all to see and a life “for only me to see” is about playing a Crowd roll of what is normal. Yet, they have no idea what “normal” looks like, or if it even exists. Those who run to help them want something for themselves or want to put those they help into their debt, perhaps “I’ll scratch your back now, you scratch mine tomorrow when I want a favor.”

Others will ridicule, blame, and ignore those in pain, as a display of feeling “superior” and because they only want to be around “Winners”. A way “Raw Nerve” people deal with their problems is by getting involved in self-defeating “External Realities,” called “Escapes”. “Escapes” include being addicted to Social Media, Flashing Light Gadgets, Cell Phone usage, Thrills, and Trinkets and Trivia. Problems with these is they do nothing to help; they tear down ones ability to do sound thinking; cause one to follow dictates of External World influences; and lead one to give up who one is and ones mission in life. “Running away” from what needs to be handled means each deserted problem will rapidly get bigger and become increasingly complicated. Each gives birth to multiple and different kinds of problems. By not having learned how to Struggle alone in solving problems in order to strengthen ones “thinking muscles,” one is more and more unable to do effective sound thinking, even for handling little problems. This causes “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Such becomes a bad habit way of life, a few being vicious cycles. Helplessness and the mental hiding of ones “Raw Nerve” takes so much Emotional Energy as for ones tiredness to leave no time to do any needed difficult tasks or help others. All-out efforts are made not to be involved with Self-Improvement. The afflicted are greatly fearful of leaving the familiar because of being unable to think their way out of problems that suddenly “pop-up.” Thus, ones life becomes increasingly difficult, necessitating having to depend on ignorant, foolish, stupid, Con-Artists, and/or Wicked people to define who one is, what role to play, and paying a big price for help in how to handle ones problems—all poorly done and continuing.

A beginning remedy is to take a moment to look at the humor of someone trying to hide in every place imaginable the unknown and actually non-existent “Raw Nerve”. Next, imagine what it must feel like to finally realize there is no point in continuing to look because what cannot be seen has caused one to run away but in no particular direction and from nothing. Then laugh at all of that while noticing being carried above “Escaping” realms. Now, one can let go of clinging to what does not exist. In getting down to the business of handling the issue, first realize there is something between “all-or-none”. For example, something happened to cause the original “Big Bang” Trauma and/or Cumulative Micro-Traumas which activated one to react. That could have been from other people doing deliberate harm; or doing something for themselves, having nothing to do with you; or a misinterpretation; or simply an imagination. Discover the part you played and the core of the issue. Then do what it takes to handle both into non-issues.