One separation of African Traditions’ Spiritual/Metaphysical Thinking from the human-made Secular thinking and the Brute Brains Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism Supernatural Thinking is that in the human-made there is nothing controlling ones strongest emotions. A reason is, by them being Self-Absorbed, prevents considering the welfare of others and lacking contrast standards to their own excessive ugliness”. To think they are always right shuts out recognition/admission of their own faults or even considering the possibility. As a Network, they control peaceful World people by the GUN and thereby they lack any inner Personal Power. Still, their stupid fantasy beliefs of Self-Concepts and Self-Images, making them into “little gods”—frees them to exploit their worst emotions to full capacities.  Their arrogance is to never think they need to self-improve and all ought to conform to them. Hence, anyone even alluding to their terrible flaws is blamed and attacked for being truthful. In contrast, a model for those aiming to be their best selves is people operating out of their Spiritual/Metaphysical in-most Selves, where lies ones Cosmic Genius. From them doing continual mental striving means being high up on the rungs of a Thought Ladder. There, ones focus can only be on constant striving towards whatever enhances their Highest (Divinity) Selves. Calm Free Minds are unattached to any Material or False Self Crowd things—and that enables them to see things “as they are” and “for what they are”. As a result, they experience the “Aliveness”—not “Excitement”–of their Consciousness expanding towards their “ME/WE” benefits destination. Hence, one simply has is no time to dwell on hurt feelings about anything–to harbor revenge, anger, or hate towards anyone—or to find fault.

This Right Living way models  Processes of Nature. To be in this Spiritual/Metaphysical realm is to naturally flow in God-made Absolute Standard Certainty, while always striving for Human Perfection.Ones associated Guidelines lead to selecting Human Ideals as paths to the discovery and development of ones Talents. Talents are for use in providing Selfless Service in cultivating ones Mission in life. Many have hurt feelings from having to face normally occurring tasks but for which they have not made themselves strong enough to handle. Such strength comes only by eagerly meeting each of ones problems “face-to-face” and handling all immediately. Some tasks will take an excessive amount of time, energy, effort, and research in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion. However, that struggle pays off a thousand fold in handling ones future life’s problems in many different areas. Step I is always look at oneself first and ask: “What part did I play in causing this problem?” Maybe something wrong (commission) was done; a failure to do something right (omission); poor planning whereby a fundamental piece was left out; an exaggerated inflated idea maze leading to mistakes, misinterpretations, incompletions, or withholdings (e.g. Unconditional Love); evasions of the difficult; bad arrangements/combinations; not trying to make things right because of bias/prejudice. A ‘set-up’ for self-directed Hurt Feelings comes from not being able to Critically Think of Options. Then, because of not liking the Options left, one  questions ones  abilities, plans, and performance so as to shamefully need to rely on others to help one with the problem as well as provide justification for ones Hurt Feelings. In turn, dependence causes one to attack helpers. To take immediate charge and control of that situation, Management is to acknowledge one is now layered with senses of inadequacy, Insecurity, and Shame from not having done ones best; from routinely making tons of excuses for not handling ones problems as they arise; and from having taken short-cuts to simply get past the moment.

Step II is to establish absolute Human Ideal standards out of African Tradition Philosophy. This requires introspection to determine where are ones major weaknesses and then why they are present. Step III, gain insight about ones flaws by writing of them in a journal every day—pointing out problems and errors. Look for what caused them—the “What’s Behind That!Inquiry Method. Step IV, forgive anyone contributing to your problem, not to let them off the hook but so you can get peace. If their criticisms are not true, let it go; if partially or completely true, then thank them for their assistance and correct what is necessary. Step V: learn how to do Sound African Tradition type Thinking. “SELF-IMPROVEMENT SUPERSEDES HURT FEELINGS.”