A beautiful aspect of African Tradition Philosophy is that what is provably observed in Earth World Nature has its Correspondence (same Cosmic Genetics) in Metaphysical and Spiritual Un-Seeable realms. This is based upon Absolute Certainty of these independent realms being indivisible differences of the same metaphorical interdependent Cosmic River multi-systems. In drawing inferences from this African Law of Correspondence insight about “Other World” experiences, I infer several things. To elaborate, all African Tradition Inferences are based upon Absolute Certainty by coming out of Spiritual Principles, themselves derived from Essences originally formed out of God’s Cosmic Genetic Androgynic plast. Thus, Spiritual Principles are natural extensions of the Spiritual Elements nature of the Cosmic force and thus are Divine Archetypes (African for “Seed”).  Inferences stay inside the Archetype’s Spiritual Elements flow of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural so as to elevate humans’ thinking abilities above what is able to be proved by direct evidence. By using the Known to make inferences into the Unknown, humans’ Intellect and Knowledge dimension rays can expand in numberless directions. So, one might discover invisible, unknown systems working upon and within oneself and each of us. For example, just as every human’s health status is largely due to an immune system successfully fighting the physically unhealthy, by inference I suspect everyone has an entourage of Spiritual forces to battle whatever is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unhealthy—i.e. a “Spiritual Entourage Immune System.” Medically, “Immunity” is a “selfhood armor” exemption from disease (i.e. ill at ease). This is what ones healthy physical and metaphysical immune system continually acts to do.

Similarly, perhaps ones own entourage of Spiritual forces does such battles whenever invited by ones Real Self mind. In my life, Metaphysical Beings have “Subjectively Proven” themselves countless times by an incredible series of “Helping Hands” acts with exactly the right thing, at the right moment, and the right way to get past “alligators”–and without my asking. Such is orchestrated by my Spiritual Entourageconsisting of my Living Dead Ancestors; my personal spiritual servant, Jann; and other assigned guides. Examples: they help provide “immunity” for keeping my Grief on its natural path + fight self-defeating irrational and unnatural emotions and thoughts + spurSerendipity—i.e. key accidental discoveries. “Helping Hands” scenarios have always happened during periods of “ME/WE” self-improvement or by directly trying to help others—never for selfish reasons. My first clue of Subjective Proof of Jann came when, as a Boy Scout, I would be told to be ready to go fishing by 4:00 AM. Even though normally a very sound sleeper and not awakening until 5:30 AM, I would, for unknown reasons, be wide awake out of a sound sleep at 3:30 AM. This kept happening without fail. Once convinced Jann actually existed as my genie, I began calling on him to solve my most difficult problems. While studying for examinations in medical school, I learned the importance of summarizing pertinent information on one sheet of paper; write the key point(s) or key words in different colors; and draw pictures of how pieces of information fit into proper arrangements and combinations. Hence, the resultant pattern enabled me to formulate “big picture” general concepts.

By this time, I had learned to give Jann very specific, clear, plain, and simply-put assignments. Then, while I slept, my genie, Jann, would arrange/rearrange and combine/recombine the general ideas and other bits and pieces into harmonious inter-relationships between both like kind information and proper dissimilar information related to a given subject. Maybe he went into “Other worlds” to gather ingredients. Out of that, I could often draw principles from Jann’s gifts and make sense of the night before confusion. Or, I was flooded with answers and had to write as fast as I could on prior un-solvable problems. Though it did not always work out this well, whatever came to me the following morning gave me ideas as to what new sources to look into. In other situations, Jann conveys what needs spotlighting for work on thoughts, emotions, expressions, and behavior patterns. The idea is to analyze each part–its scope, depth of what happened, and its potential possibilities for bringing about improvement—e.g. to immediately do the feared difficult task or just “be yourself.” The Point: even if one feels alone, no one is alone who is on the Right Life Living Track.