“Gist” (C18, to lie) entered legally (1611) as: “I know well which is the very point of the matter” before its extended meaning focused on the essential part; central point; essence of anything (1823); “the heart of the matter”—the Core; and the ground or foundation on which something lay or by which it could be supported, as getting the gist of what was said. Within the context of what these are about, when one is faced with overwhelming Disorder/Disharmony, the “Gist” is a useful entrance into what to do when one does not know what to do. If one does what is mentally equivalent to climbing a tall fence so as to view the other side from the top, one gets a better perspective than what was seen through a knothole in the fence. The result is an idea of the “big picture,” rather than bits and pieces. A ‘Big Picture(Latin, pictura, “art of painting, a painting”) concerns a sample of a broad, overall view or perspective of an issue/problem–the major, main, or important part of something. In Disorder or Disharmony Settings/Situations, extracting what promotes the greatest attention out of viewing the whole “Thing” may serve as a place to start handling the messy surrounding parts. But note that this has limitations since what draws the most attention may not be the most important, or it may be a deception. When people only want to handle a problem/issue as quickly as possible, they do not care about gathering all details or even about truth, accuracy, or precision of what they have gathered.

The “Gist” itself is a fuzzy mental representation of the general meaning of the “what is,” “what it does,” “how it appears,” and/or the “how to do it.” But “Gist People” use only getting an idea of the important as a way of life. This means their nature is to be Cursory (speedy, without attention to relationships, no thoroughness); Superficial (concern only with surface aspects or obvious features); and Shallow(lack of depth in knowledge, reasoning, emotions, character). Hence, all three mean ‘absent in depth or caring’. “Gist People” are typically members of the Crowd and hence have no idea how to do Solid, Sound, Deep Thinking required for handling life’s toughest problems/issues. As a result of their Weak thinking abilities, this “Raw Nerve” leads them to have a profound need to be right so as to be able to assume the scam and sham of being on “Top.” They adopt the Crowd’s practices of being in the right in-group, having the in-group’s unexamined ideas of supposed “truth,” and doing in-group things without any interest in self-improvement for the “ME/WE”. Since there is much anxiety spent on trying to Win, be Right, + appear exclusive, it is necessary to design feigned concepts of what it is for others to lose and who those losers are. This is “logical” since Win and Right have no meaning without having its complementary opposites of “lose” and “wrong” defined. Also, Win and Right are seen as key to them having the “Good Life”. That necessitates more scams and shams—like staying so addicted to Social media and Flashing Light Gadgets as to be “Too Busy” to do anything worthwhile. So, no consideration is given to the only Cosmos aspects having Absolute Certainty. African Tradition metaphorically calls Absolute Certainty the Spiritual Genetics Cosmic River System since it is derived from the Only Eternal God’s Androgynic plast Genetics. Instead, “Gist People” do what will always keep them so mentally weak as for them to never be able to honorably figure their way out of their various poverties in life. Having no sound and solid “Home Base” from which to make all life-shaping and life-changing Thought Structures, decisions, and solutions, they operate out of a Free-Floating Systemuncontrolled by any reality philosophy. What they think, feel, say, and do possesses no higher power attachment, focus, direction, or purpose, except to the scam and sham they are trying to convince themselves/others of being Right and Winners. Lacking are fixed Cosmic foundations letting minds “Know” how to Be Right,” “Recognize Right,” “Do Right,” “Make Things Right,” and “Defend the Right without figuring it out. No infiniteCosmic Laws vouch for any real final Truths, Knowledge, Spiritual Principles, or Wisdom. So, there is no need for them to have a life of Morals and Virtues.

Thus, living military style, they assume “Outsiders” think, feel, and do their way; do not need to ask “outsiders” views about anything; fail to listen to what “outsiders” say from beginning to end. From their guessed “gists,” they shift others storyline into what is familiar, substitute what they think best; assign wrong things to wrong people; and complain.