No one comes close to using all of ones in-born Personal Power. Most humans live–whether physically, intellectually, or morally–in a very restricted circle of their potentiates. Although humans can only master what is in their natural constitution, none have any idea of the magnitude of their potential Possibilities. So, despite the confines of their individualized Selfhoods, only a tiny amount of it is cultivated into realized realities of any degree. Yet, they can peek at their own capabilities by recalling their experiences of showing how much greater are their vital resources when dealing with great emergencies and crises of which they had never seen or heard of before. So, what is a human’s “Potential”? In C14, it meant being able to have power; then latent power; then in 1656, something that gives power so as to be empowered. Today, as opposed to actual power, Potential means presently unexpressed, unrealized, undeveloped, or unacted-upon; possible, as in power in reserve, power “on-tap”; capable of being or becoming powerful. Initially, children begin to show their magnificent potential power—especially of such magnitude as their Talent or Mission in life, in implicit ways. For those desiring children show Genius, pay close attention to clues—whether in good or bad behavior—of a given pattern from which evidence of Genius can be inferred. Using that as the “tip of the iceberg,” I have seen superb Black teachers guide youth out of the ordinary and into developing world-class novel gifts. They start teaching full Thinking by creating an organized and mentally free Selfhood Setting and then letting the youth struggle with assigned uplifting issues with multiple small successes.

However, the often overpowering opposing forces to such realizing of ones potentials are from being with peers who demand conformity to their Crowd programmed patterns. Typically, such concern “Exciting” things, either about being on a “treadmill” and going nowhere, or doing Addicting self-destructive and Bad Manners things. Completely excluded from being honored or even recognized are Black Scholars and those following relatively untraveled Right Life Living paths. To avoid a “weird” label—as I had as a boy—most ambitious youth “go along with the Crowd to get along.” Still, it usually is they who have the Courage to go against ways of the Crowd to develop their in-born Potential in whatever it is about. As observed throughout my lifetime—both in humans and in researching “weird” topics—existing potential possibilities present in “misfits” give them a magnitude of importance of great significance. What such youth must know—whether by Jegna Mentors (those well versed in African Tradition) or by the youth teaching themselves, as Isolated Individualists—is their own Selfhood Greatness. Realization of ones Selfhood Greatness, as in possessing a drop of the Cosmic Creator’s Powers—of possessing the Genetics of Ancient Africans, the most brilliant people who ever lived—and of having a “one-of-a-kind” Talent able to make one Thrive as well as better a small World piece—means one can remove all self-limitations. This implies, among others, that achieving self-mastery can as easily end “Down Times” as create replacement “Up times”.

Cultivating ones genetic potential and ways of our Ancient African Ancestors will ensure Self-Greatness. At birth it stands as ones solid foundation from which Goodness springs. Examples: there must be a sincere sense of self-improvement; a strong will of “I am going to do this and nothing will stop me”; a compassionate heart overflowing with Caring about every thing one does and Caring about everybody; a never-ending sense of awe and absorbing wonders of Nature; and doing well researched thought out noble daring before taking the first step. No “giving up” on what is ‘Right’ means no “lying down” when life is most problematic—the modelling of a championship “come-back kid” boxer who keeps getting off the floor every time she/he is knocked down. This spurs opportunities and paths for ones transformation into ever higher realms of Self-Greatness. To realize ones Self-Love and Self-Greatness are not less than anyone’s in the world, then one does not give up who one is in favor of any “authority” or expert’s direction. In short, by Self-Love embracing Self-Greatness and Self-Appreciation, ones “Constructive Selfish” products proceed to create, enhance, maintain Harmony + protect, prevent “ME/WE” harm + repair Love, Selfless Service, Peace, Gentleness, Compassion, Kindness, Helpfulness,  Self-Unity damage.