Every human makes the life-shaping/life-changing decision to either be orchestrated by ones Highest (Divinity) Self’s Spirituality or by ones own diluted/polluted Lower (Animalistic) Self. Humans’ work of Spirituality is the subjection of their minds to the Divine Spirit so each can command the Life-Force in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Ancient Africans, from their own in-most boundless light of Reality, fashioned Spirituality from their inner discovered “First Knowledge” of all Cosmic Laws practices to achieve and live inside the Spiritual Cosmic River System. As a result, they “Knew”—not had “Belief/Faith”—their indwelling Cosmic Intelligence to be yoked to that of the Supreme Creator. This Self-Knowledge Illuminates/forms ones mental Disposition—i.e. an innermost pattern of certain types of thoughts concerning their arrangement into a readiness way to think, feel, express, and/or behave in a certain attitude/temperament manner. Such enhances ones Highest (Divinity) Self. When in this Cosmic River System flow, one shares this Spiritual Compassion Space so ones own Spiritual Entourage is able to assist in one reaching ones assigned Divine Plan. They: (1) correct whatever generates losses, lacks, and obstructions to going forward, like ones thoughts about neglect or abandonment; (2) help arrange ones mind to face the toughest issues; (3) give guidelines of how one can  Order a Thriving life; (4) provide inclinations for a readiness way to think, feel, express, and/or behave in a certain “ME/WE” benefits manner; (5) make one aware of ones Soul’s real existence—e.g. of what is natural within oneself–of being vital to the Cosmic Circle of Wholism—and of ones Talent; and (6) keep one in contact with ones hereditary Collective Unconscious Essences of Right Life Living, as generated by ones Ancient African Ancestors. All humans are born with these gifts, among others, for  harmoniously orchestrating their Highest Selves with their purified Animalistic Lower Selves.

But by 18 to 36 months of age—perhaps by some “big bang” and/or micro-cumulative traumas—many fashion, beyond conscious boundaries, an “ego” to orchestrate that False Self as they now believe themselves to be. Hence, acquiring Lower Self Emotions and Intellect makes them Spiritually, Emotionally, and Mentally weak. That slows, stops, or reverses their necessary ‘struggles’ to get through the stricture of the hour-glass + makes for Selfhood disharmony and its inconsistencies. They “Escape” into television, Social Media, and Flashing Light Gadget addictions, themselves blocking out help from ones Spiritual Entourage. Since these were not present in my childhood, of extreme importance to keeping my Real Self was spending much time in Nature + Mother often saying I was Selfhood Great from being made in the likeness of God—not implying I was better than anyone. Believing her and thus realizing there was no one better or worse than me, kept me in contact with my Spiritual Entourage. My first awareness of being in contact with them came at age 5. While sitting on my back porch selecting my favorite marbles, it suddenly appeared in my mind–like a neon flashing light sign–to “Help Bright Black Boys.” That authoritative message was instinctually accepted as being “Natural” for my life’s Mission. A remarkable thing about this is that I was living in Minnesota where I saw no Black People at all. This happening thereafter Ordered my life, as it does for others who stay in the Cosmic River System flow of their Highest Selves. Ones resultant Life Organization includes making one always be aware of who one is; designating where one is; points out and guides directions towards a goal; indicates what one is to do and/or a way to be once at the goal; places journey boundaries (e.g. time/space, right/wrong, and appropriate/inappropriate limits); provides rules for what is/is not acceptable performances, variations, and deviations; and stands as a stable point against which ones thoughts, emotions, expressions, deeds, work products are measured and compared.

All of these are displays of ones absolute true Genius IntelligenceFrom being interrelated, their individual aspects make available ingredients for the interdependency from which Human Ideals can be formed and all of ones work products can be designed into  Masterpieces. So as to be able to handle the very best and the very toughest of life’s encounters, ones Spiritual Entourage gives warnings and assistive help at exact needed moments. Just as Jann has been contributory to all of my creative or thoughtful successes, he gives me much comfort as a buddy.