Humans’ Hypersensitive “feelings” supersede Self-Improvement and use all of their energy to fiercely protect their (Acquired) Emotions  from worsening ‘hurts’. Such flaws are from reaction mis-interpretations of their prior  bad Situations rather than from its reality. This leads to ‘one-sided-coin’ Delusions (believing what is not true and not believing what is true) and a refusal to look at right thinking that self-improves and self-protects. Its first onset in early life was so significant as for one to become Selfhood Splintered. The biggest “splinter” of ones Selfhood caused one to be Self-Absorbed (viewing everything within ones world in relation to oneself) so as to deal with ones personal problems as if that is all that matters in the world. The other huge “splinter” settles into following dictates of the Crowd’s ‘Scarce Materialism’. Both are Crowd’s Likes/Dislikes opinions/beliefs—not of “what it is” Essence–but of “what it does” and “how it appears”. Both wrongly influence ways of doing things + in prioritizing life’s duties. Now, ones mind is “Inside-Out,” not feeling ones Pre-Birth Emotions for how to do Right Life Living Thinking, from thinking non-Mathematically (non-rational, non-sense). They are too consumed with too much bad sentiments (informational thoughts wrapped in bad acquired emotions) to do Right Thinking. By completely blocking out their Pre-Birth Emotions, they have no “ME/WE” driving force to give anything away to anyone, for any reason. These dominant features in the inadequate, socialized Secular Bourgeois (middle class) and Aristocracy (upper class) people clearly show they have no compassion for what goes on in the minds and lives of others.

They place greedy grabbing of “Scarce Material above “Altruistic Feelings.” Males reject them for being “feminine”; many females cannot imagine those unlike them are unable to feel as they feel. Both can only ‘See’ their own “Dark Side” in their Victims; believe Segregation is fundamental to prevent discovering their shared Humanity with outsiders; and none can forgive Victims for not being like them and yet they are inseparably attached by them having made Victims to be like them. In short, they can relate favorably to their Victims like kinfolks while hating themselves in their Victims and hating their Victims for not having as much hate and misery as they. Supernatural cults and their Secular followers show their utter personal weakness by allowing themselves to be controlled by the Satanists leaders to whom they deem to be so eternal, Unknowable, unconquerable, unmovable, undeniable, unexplainable, incomparable, unimaginable, immeasurable, and unthinkableleaders who shape how they think, feel, say, and do life living. Such aspects are horrendously destructive, non-perishable collections that generate all terrible human Settings/Situations. Since they are in mental turmoil, their ‘misery loves company’ urges show by their Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism ways. These cause various Victim poverties (e.g. mind, living) that are incomprehensible, wavering, misty in scope, and without known ways to cure them. By being Self-Absorbed, they cannot admit to any of their appalling imperfections and, in the mess they created, blame Victims for it + make them “Invisible. All Selfhood Splintered people have self-defeating Repressed Emotions—the master defense mechanism of Secular and Supernatural cults. This means a denial of them—i.e. “negating” their bad, self-defeating deep-seated impulsive emotions, saying their evil acts never existed so as to always be “perfect” + always “right”. Since Emotions are the chief source of all of oneself becoming conscious, there can be no transforming of ones “Darkness” into light when one gives up desire of ever expressing those they repress. Since to Repress any emotion is to dim all of ones emotions, these weak humans become Apathetic. Apathy is selfhood resignation, with one relatively unmoved by sympathy, empathy, and lacking compassion. That Resultant under- to no nourishment makes Aggressors’ Indifferent to others feelings; exhibit bad manners; lose individuality; ‘Don’t Care’; incompetent, irritable to enraged; and such Soul emptiness as to do showy thing in order to say to the public: “Hey, Look At Me!!!”

Victims  have a resigned acceptance to not getting their due and lack interest in self-improvement. Ex-Slaves, when I asked about their African American slavery experiences, said: “It’s my fate!” To be distinguished from Apathy is Boredom + Black People’s Despair–ones Spirit in utter ruin inside a bottomless loss of Soul contact. Those intent on Right Life Living must Understand Hurt Emotions and completely shed them since they are of absolutely no benefit.