“What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is a foolish Secular (the Crowd) and Supernatural (Evil Specialists) saying. To cultivate Goodness Thinking for Right Life Living, one must know what ingredients are in ones mind for thinking; how one feels about those ingredients; really care about the destination for those arranged ingredients as products; and pursue their intended “ME/WE” benefits performance purposes. Ones Pre-Birth Emotions (like Mother/Child bonding) shape ones Goodness Intent and determine ones degree of effort to have Human Ideal displays. Ones Pre-Birth Intellect (Soul instilled Cosmic Knowledge) outlines Strategy (i.e. planning/directing of the overall scheme) and Tactics (actual processes of moving manipulations, maneuvers, or handling how the plan is to be carried out) to give “ME/WE” benefits. In striving for Human Perfection–e.g. “Climbing while helping to lift others”–ones “Feelings” and Intellect must come from the Spiritual Elements’s Cosmic River System flow of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. These, the ultimate unifying forces within ones Selfhood and for the “WE,” connect/interpenetrates all unique Patterns of Real Creatures/Creations within the multi-dimensional Cosmic system. This is what is to be done for any forward progress towards achieving ones entire Real Self full potential + best “ME/WE” benefits. Begin the process by realizing ones Thoughts—whether right, deceptively “SEEMs” right, or wrong—are parents of ones actions. And, ones Feelings–e.g. Pre-Birth Emotions, Acquired Secular (the Crowd’s) emotions, or Supernatural cult’s specialized hate emotions for themselves and all others–are parents of ones Thoughts. “Roots” of ones sound/solid African Tradition Thinking are embedded in Pre-Birth Emotions. They continue to evolve over a lifetime and accumulate to provide inescapable strength.

Even when one gets off-track, one does not ‘give up.’ Instead, one focuses total dedicated effort to getting back into the Cosmic River System flow. Immediately make a Self-Declaration to prevent ever getting off it again. The ingredients gained from my family and boyhood all-Black community, later put together from life experiences, are as follows: (1) Without blaming anybody or oneself, ask: “What part did I Play? (2) Extract the keystone flaw that created satellite surroundings and lifestyle problems by daily writing this “What’s Behind That?” inquiry in a journal until one gets to the core. Such is like following the outer circles on an archery pad back to the bull’s eye. Chances are what powered ones ever-expanding flaw into vicious cycles came from having “Hurt Emotions.” If so, they are composed of Acquired bad Fears (which some call “the Devil”)—not Survival Fears—derived from some ‘tow-rope’ uncertainty. What one was about at that time was not grounded in Absolute Selfhood Greatness. Instead, it was situated on “Quick-Sand” beliefs/opinions—as with falsehoods of the terrors of God or truths of the societal terrors of Supernatural cults. Fear greatly weakens ones judgment, unequaled in its Efficiency (done quickly) and Effectiveness(done completely) in robbing the mind’s Self-Reliance abilities. In turn, these are sources of superstitions; a sense of powerlessness and uselessness; incompetence; untrustworthiness; ‘me, me, me’ ways; bad manners, horrible unreality imaginings made into illusions of what seems to be there; and cruelty to oneself and others; (3) By using the Box Concept, extract the core of what caused the keystone situation, the fear, and the flaw since these herald, thereafter, being in charge/control of all later like-kind situations. The Box Concept views each so as to inspect each side–the inside and outside details of every angle—inspecting the top and bottom and any wrappings–turning it in all directions–looking at it from underneath–seeing it from one view after another–holding it against the sky and imagining it in any material or even in glass–and thinking of all types of options based upon fashioning powerful meanings indirectly.

(4) Apply lessons learned to the present situation—either to assist problem/issue corrections–or, at least to know what to avoid when facing future like-kind situations; (5) lay out a Plan whereby that keystone flaw/mistake one made will never be repeated. Stop the very things one has been striving for to prevent the Fears/flaws, since they are the very things preventing ones success in overcoming them; and (6) Place lessons learned into proper aspects of ones life. Success is indicated by a sense of Satisfaction, if not Happiness, and urges to display Virtues.