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In African Tradition, the foundational Icon Image of “Fairness” in the administration of Justice or Sociability shows as the equal sign between the right and left sides of a Balance Scale. That same balance Scale also symbolizes the Thinker’s Scale (a positive and a negative ruler, separated by a zero). Concepts for both Scales originated with Primitive Africans’ Barter System. Certain types of exchanges of goods caused them to put Stones in an animal skin bag to convey how much of something was owned—the reason why “calculate” comes from the Latin word for “stone”. At the same time, to have a symmetrical final result in the exchange of goods, bartering required an “equal sign” ( = ) between goods to its right and something to its left. That balance gradually led to abstract concepts of “Fairness” and Justice. Hence, in early Africa, the “equal sign” became a keystone of Mathematics. What happen here is that both numbers (e.g. holding up, say, 3 fingers to indicate how much would be given or received) and symbols (e.g. stones) were expressed in quantities. That is how Quantitative Algebra began! Yet, the exchange of things requiring an “Estimate” concerned the “Fairness” and Justice” realms. And this was the beginning ofQualitative Algebraic Mathematics!! So, Primitive Africans applied the positive side of the Thinker’s Scale to creating, enhancing, and maintaining harmony—with Harmony being their “Fixed Social Reality”—to the “Fluid” aspects of Harmony for the expressions of Sociability. Those “Fluid” Attributes of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and Naturalness which form Harmony, expressed in such “ME/WE” ways as appropriate for the pleasure of companionship, charity, mutual aid, Friendship, Generosity, Courtesy, Courage, Prudence, Fairness, Truthfulness, Honorableness, Simplicity–and their attributes. Awareness of these “ME/WE” benefits, expressed through ones Pre-Birth Emotions/Pre-Birth Intellect, is Knowledge since all come about by having Vision of the Infinite inside the finite pertaining to a particular Setting or Situation.

On the positive side of the Thinker’s Scale, all balanced actions between Humans operate so that mutual “ME/WE” Selfless Service Systems of Values rendered are their means of communication, as in “Being With” and/or “Doing For.” That means the “ME/WE” is operating in the Cosmic River System, unified throughout its multi-dimensions by Unconditional Love. By humans being made in the likeness of God, all of these “Fluid” displays are spontaneous (i.e. happenings of themselves, without effort). What comes out of each “Fixed Reality” of the Spiritual Elements means it produces its own “Fluid” kinds: Words from a “Fixed Reality” produce “Fluid” words appropriate to the rhythm of the Receiver in order for them to have an impact on the Receiver’s Soul. The same applies to “Fixed Reality” Actions producing appropriate “Fluid” Actions, regardless as to whether the Receiver accepts them or not or does anything with them or not. By contrast, “Fairness” in the administration of Justice is on the negative side of the Thinker’s Scale. It is reserved to Protect, Preserve, Reduce, Prevent, Defend against and/or overcome Evil generated Disharmony done by the foolish, stupid, con-artist, arrogant Brutes, or the wicked. They put losses, lacks, and obstacles on ones path. The word “Protect” (C15, defend, guard, shield) means to cover in front from harm or danger in order to Preserve by preventions against Disharmony from losses, lacks, obstacles, conflicts, confusions–done by oneself to oneself, by “Do-Gooders” (the naive with good intentions but who impose their inferior ways on what is superior to them), and/or by the Crowd. To deal with them requires separation of ones Highest (Divinity) Self from ones Lower (Animalistic) Self in order for ones Highest Self to first purify ones Lower Self from Disharmonious, as Indifference/Hate/Evilness/Sadism. Then ones Highest Self joins ones purified Lower Self to invoke upon the Satanists involved the punishments, constraints, regulations one would place on oneself for doing comparable acts or if one is doing them. That is fair!

The Ignorant are dealt with separately because they are unaware of problems they cause. Children are guided onto Right Life Living paths. The brainwashed, as done by slavery and/or socialization, are shown how to return to their childhood birth gift of Selfhood Greatness awareness. Next, they re-establish harmonious “ME/WE” equilibrium, starting with acknowledging their core flaws and using the Cosmic River System Standard to creatively self-improve.