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Perhaps Primitive Africans arrived at concepts of Inferences by observing features of ocean water also found in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and rills (small brooks). So, a given feature in a river could be assumed to be in the ocean, its source, and in its off-spring streams. By them all being part of a Water System flow, the presence  of a known river feature (a premise, the starting point) is also likely to be in its parent unseen/unknown ocean and its off-spring unseen/unknown streams. Both conclusions, the ending points, are called Inferences. The same inferring applies to today’s Black People having the same generic genetics as our super-brilliant Ancient African Ancestors and thus the same capabilities. Both are Cosmic River System examples since both came from the Genetics of the Ultimate Seed of the Supreme Being-both in a “Fixed Reality” Immaterial state before its fluid appearances or manifestations display in the Material world. With any Cosmic “Fixed Reality” directly or indirectly related to its Ultimate Seed, it and its displayed Entities possess Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and Naturalness. This means each Entity features: (1) being the “what it is” Essence when it came into Beinghood; (2) likened to a “Dimension” with its rays going in all directions, similar to rays of a Star; and (3) Knowledge contents—i.e. its Pattern’s virtual Icon Image consists of what can be done with its displays in the course of its nature (i.e. its operations). Human Knowledge possesses an awareness of the Truth within a Thing’s “Fixed Reality” + that Thing’s Icon Image, itself imparting an insightful vision about some or all of that Thing’s “what it does”  + appearance aspects. To extend the “Water System” analogy, ones knowledge embraces an awareness of the Water (a “Fixed Reality”) and many Potential Possibilities (e.g. as for power sources) or its Unrealized Realities (e.g. ice blocks) displays. Spiritual Principle is an immaterial, “Fixed Reality,” virtual Icon Image—acting like a “General” Dimension. Its ‘fluid’ rays capabilities show varied appearances in Material realms.

Example: the “General” immaterial virtual Icon Image of “Chairness” can lead to different forms of material “chairs” (e.g. stools, lounges). Both the “General”/the “Particular,” the Immaterial, the Material, the “fixed”/‘fluid’ aspects of a Spiritual Thing—are realities. This means Spiritual manifestations—their Material world appearances—are realities as long as they are not diluted and polluted with non-Spiritual Elements aspects. All of these—Truth, Knowledge, Principles–are within African Tradition’s Thinking context—whether dealing with Common Sense, Critical Thinking, Reasoning, Logic, and/or Creative Thinking. Yet, Reasoning is the most directly related. Thus,Deductive Reasoning (as looking down a funnel) enters into “General” fixed reality realms (e.g. Truth, Knowledge) as well as Fluid realities (e.g. Spiritual Principles) so as to make valid inferences from them into “Particular” immaterial and/or “Particular” material realities. Inductive Reasoning is the mental process of selecting a “Particular” immaterial reality or a “Particular” material reality in order to make valid inferences into a “General” fixed (e.g. Truth, Knowledge) reality or into a fluid reality (Spiritual Principles). Spiritual “Principles” consist of expanding mosaic pieces of Observable Truth or Knowledge (Visions) of Nature. Thus, as Spiritual Elements Fundamentals not subject to change, they can lay foundations for building blocks derived from associated parent Truths and Knowledge. In this way, Observable Truths or Knowledge of Nature’ Processes, in a Qualitative Algebraic equation manner, can fashion first order Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths out of any given dimension ray of its Principle. Humans then use results of first order Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths to infer second order Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths. In turn, both are capable of giving insight into Esoteric (Unknown) aspects of the Un-Seeable Cosmos. Knowing this “Big Picture” begins processes of seeing the reality/un-reality of the ‘what is/does/appear’ of the Thing—and that starts Wisdom.

Resultant inferences from first and second order Circumstantial (Spiritual) Truths, when used as guidelines to lead and direct ones life course of actions/reactions, is a Wisdom process. Hence, any given Spiritual Principle dimension ray, when properly explored, can extend ones awareness, meanings, insights so as to provide new reasoning methods, paths into Un-knowns, and/or solutions. To understand this is to realize Absolute and Certain exist. They can be determined in the Spiritual realm by Qualitative Algebra, since all are part of the Cosmic River System.