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An Absolute, Certain, Perfect, ultimate Standard against which can be compared all one thinks, feels, says, does, hears, reads, or is taught is needed for those intent on doing Right Life Thinking and Living. The only proven one, for almost 200,000 years, is of African Tradition. There are no other Life Philosophies, despite them being world-taught, able to offer anything to the Afrocentric. All of what is socialized by the dominant society–after using the taught to simply pass examinations–is to be Unlearned and totally disregarded—including dictionaries. These admonitions are because absolutely nothing outside of African Tradition has anything meaningful to offer Afrocentric People for Right Life Thinking/Living. To disregard this means all of ones Life Living will be on the wrong “Track” because nothing about it will have anything to do with Truth, Knowledge, Spiritual Principles, or Wisdom. To “Pick and Choose” is to definitely increase the complicatedness and the number of complexities one will ordinarily face in life—both carrying one deeper and deeper into a ‘hellish’ Abyss (bottomless life pit). To get on the path to a clear destination, to reduce frustration/conflict, one must handle ones Personal Storms of life” before trying to do any significant outer world life-shaping/life-changing things.

Step I: Preparing to Prepare is to be well-grounded in activities of Play, Dance, Music, and Poetry, for these are transferrable ‘tools’ and patterns for handling life’s toughest issues. Ancient Africans’ Theory of Anamnesis (humans are born with Cosmic Knowledge within their Souls) says those ingredients are orchestrated by every human’s Pre-Birth Emotions and Pre-Birth Intellect (“First Knowledge”). Since this is Humankind’s highest form of Abstract/Abstraction thinking, both working together produce the best “ME/WE” benefit Thought Structures, and with “ME” wanting the “WE” benefits to rise even above “ME.” Human newborns’ first and simplest Pre-Birth Emotions display is Suchness“–a state where each thing within that present moment isfree to be what it is, as it is, for what it is, while it is doing what it does. “Suchness,” showing, for example, in the “Senselessness” of Play, is well known to be enjoyable. Play lacks thoughts of striving for improvement or going to a destination. Its doing is merely for fun—and that is completely satisfying and fulfilling.  Most children and adults have often experienced Suchness”—a state of  “Freedom Senselessness” with a Awareness of non-thought, non-emotions, no past, no future. Yet, one has never been fully aware of them. Nor does one ever think about them because those ‘happenings,’ by being part of the Cosmic non-verbal Reality, are inconceivable. Suchness” Play is subconsciously experienced as a deep Inner World impact, causing one to: (1) become disengaged from all else pertaining to the Present, Past, and Future; (2) straddle the Surreal state between Reality and non-Reality; and (3) bathe in the Cosmic what it is” at just that moment” state. Such is a bathing in Truth, with ones Non-Self sense mentally removed somewhat from “real” or “serious” life. Freedom permits “Suchness” impacts to stimulate what is imaginative, non-literal–while remaining in an active, alert, but non-stressed frame of mind. Now, one is most able to Create Fancy, even into a Void—i.e. any conceivable space—whether this be on different planes of existence–in the present, past, future. Spiritually, “Suchness” creates, enhances, and maintains the Good, or lessens the Bad.

Step II, the “Cloud/Storm” Concept requires critical, proper Understanding. An approximate elaborating analogy is a violent, funnel-shaped, Thunderstorm’s counterclockwise stream, whirling against the wind. At its center or vortex is a small, clear, and nearly calm ‘Eye’ of the Storm. In the ‘Eye’ of the Interchange is the “That“—meaning it has “Stillness.” Its within payload Disposition has an Inclination (what turns the wind current in a particular direction) and Intention (the significance of the purposed conveyed meaning). When humans experience being within the “Stillness” of that ‘Eye,’ they are put into a blended harmony with the Cosmic Organism—a Beauty. That “Suchness,” like Play, flows in the Cosmic River System’s Spiritual Elements. By these being Absolute Cosmic Certainty, from the System one can extract the Cosmic Essences Quartet—i.e. Truth, Knowledge, Spiritual Principles, Wisdom.  To thereby flow inside “Suchness” Settings and/or Situations is to participate in a Spiritual Primary Quality—a state transcending (pass above/beyond) Nature’s Seeable, absolute, infinite, and eternal Reality—where personal storms are handled.; JABLifeSkills;