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Fair Judgments equate to a Qualitative Algebraic Equation of opposing associations of opposites. People make judgments on themselves regarding what they do for themselves and how they relate to others who could/could not help or hurt them; about Qualities and/or Quantities, Worth/Value, Advancement/Punishment, Benefits/Damages, Beauty/Ugly, Progress/Lack of Progress. One can make these belief/opinion judgments from ones Highest (Divinity) Self, from ones Lower (Animalistic) Self, or from a combination. Such is done within the mindset context of Understanding/not understanding some or all of the Setting/Situation issues—whether they conform to Conventional Standards and/or ones own Standards—or are about the Fair/Unfair for the Ignorant/Sophisticated. Little children greatly simplify all Judgments by using “is it for me or against me?”as a guide for ‘now’ living. Thus, likes, rewards, and pleasures are “for me” while dislikes, punishments, and pains are “against me.” From both evaluations come a child’s desire to gain or to avoid something. Yet, lacking discernment and judgment skills, infants fail to consider “is it good for me?” And many adults get stuck at this level—having their value judgments heavily influenced based upon “taste” and “like/dislike” emotions. These Lower Self people use their Self-Absorbed likes/dislikes as the standard for what is in their ‘me, me, me’ best interest. However, the Human Ideal for making judgments starts with an Absolute and Certain Standard designed out of the Supreme Creator’s “Genetics” SeedThat Seed gave rise to the Cosmos and its birth Creatures/Creations. Thus, out of that Ultimate Seed comes the unifying force for all of the evolving multi-systems in the Cosmos which give rise to all real things in the Cosmos—i.e. Unconditional Love. This means all human Souls’ the Trademark is Unconditional Love. Thus, no matter what humans due that require judging, their core is the Love Platter. Ones UnconditionalLove Platter displays as the instinct to Love; to spread Love; to be Loved; and to be Lovable. When ones Love Platter is fully self-expressive, it has Unconditional Love freely flowing into ones Selfhood. When False Self humans block expressions from or Disconnect from and Attack the Love Platter, that blockage is at the base of all of their anti-Love Platter expressions.

This means Unconditional Love is common ground for the judge and what a Real Self human and/or that human’s products do that need to be judged. The Unconditional Love standard is used to assess judgments of deviated “Products.” Examples are: (1) the degree of the destruction of the Unconditional Love Pattern (i.e. Pattern is a fully realized essence of the evil source); (2) the Form (i.e. the vehicle for the Pattern + receptacle for the evil source’s prism-like Pattern displays) one used to make the destruction; and (3) the awareness degree of one doing destruction and in what Form. Settings in which these three occur is regardless of what False Self humans and their evil products do in damage, a key is each really, really wants the Love Platter. Those who made a deliberate decision to disconnect from the Love Platter’s Circle of Wholism Source, which is all humans yoked to their God source, are to be judged harshly. The judgment’s harshness is based upon the dominating Lower Self Conventional Wisdom of that society. However, those socialized deviated from the Love Platter’s Circle of Wholism, the Lower Self of a judge lacks the purity to be Fair. They include the Ignorant—e.g. children, the mentally incompetent, those brainwashed/socialized by an evil society.

For a judge to be Spiritually qualified to make a “right” judgment, it is necessary for the judge’s Highest Self to: (A) purify its Lower Self from any Disharmonious Bias and Prejudice tendencies; (B) determine the nature of the one to be judged—e.g. the number and degree of good qualities pertaining to the Cosmic River System before assessing the bad qualities which are in need of being judged; and (C) systematically give attention to the “what it is,” the “what it does,” the “how it appears” details of all required to decide about the merits of Omissions (not doing the right and decent thing) or Commissions (doing what ought not be done). Powered by the Unconditional Love Platter, these allow one to distinguish the Vicious from the Unfortunate (within limitations at the time of their Disharmonious Products) and balance these against the non-related aspects of the judged ones “ME/WE” Love Platter contributions in daily life. That is fair!; JABLifeSkills;