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Self-Esteem has Happy Higher (Divinity) Self/Unconsciousness—and Lower (Animalistic) Self/Consciousness subdivisions—each with “Fixed” and “Flowing” portions. The ultimate Standard for Divinity Self-Esteem is ones birth-gift of Selfhood Greatness. Their involved stories began with the first appearance of the Cosmos–during Primal times–inside the Subjective Realm’s Cosmic Circle of Wholism. “Primal” means first in time “Being-hood” and thus earliest of its kind–first ancestor in rank of what starts life out of the Cosmos, whilepregnant with all God’s Creatures/Creations. Each of itsCosmic Circle of Wholism associates are in a unified Web–in a “what it is” divine and earthly Essence stateWhen humans arrive into primal “Being-hood,” their Souls are instilled with a God-likeness “Drop” of Omnipotence (limitless Cosmic power for the capabilities of each human) + Omnipresence (one being “everywhere” at the same time because of its “ME/WE Oneness” with all Real Creatures/Creations) + Omniscience (Wisdom of Cosmic Laws, called “First Knowledge”) Powers. These birth-gifts provide ones Private Selfhood with Personal Powers, in forms of the “5Ss” of Safety, Security, Sureness, Strength, and Stability. After these Soul Genius contents are poured down intoWisdom, part of those ingredients fashion each human’s Lower (Animalistic) Self. It and the Soul’s Wisdom, inside the Mind, design Intelligence. All of these God-likeness powers are infinitely greater than anyone needs for handling the very worst ‘Happenings’ in life living. This implies ones “Self” Awareness is by the Soul, with its access to all Cosmic Knowledge. Such creates 3 Spiritual “ME/WE” forms. Type I is a “Private Selfhood ME” state—a Selfhood Greatness, as also in all “WE” humans.

Type II, involves the “Self”—better called “Non-Self”—i.e. a Spirit Entity devoid of Matter in a primordial “human-to-be” state of “Sameness” with the “WE”. Here, as a result of being birthed by the same Supreme Creator, the entire Cosmic God Genetics are also in every other Creation/Creature. Because of this “Sameness” in Cosmic Genetics, all have an underlying identical Identity–all share the same Spiritual Space where Compassion reigns—all are bonded. Yet, each has a “Uniqueness” Appearance + an independently assigned “Uniqueness” duty for carrying out God’s Divine Plan in the Material world. Type III is the “Polarized “ME/WE”. Its radial organization is like Heat and Cold having the same element make-up but differing merely by their degrees of vibration. So, “ME” has its First Law of Nature obligation to itself—i.e. Self-Survival, Self-Protection, and Self-Preservation. It is commonly illustrated by airline hostesses who advise passengers, in case of insufficient oxygen amounts, to self-apply the mask before putting masks on ones children. Although Selfhood Greatness is not Intelligence/Knowledge and is not a Genius display, its “Fixed” Spiritual state contains contents giving rise to the flourishing of ones Genius, Wisdom, Intelligence. They are permanent, enduring, and untouchable. No material can influence the Spiritual. Survival is “Fixed” by being itself + part of what is natural + reproducing itself without going anywhere, unless it leads to some “ME/WE” Goodness by Wisdom playing in non-sensible delights. “Flowing” Earthly Selfhood Greatness begins with cultivation of the “Fixed” contents taken through successive stages. Since these contents are the image of God, they have the capacity and potential for achieving Human Perfection. Still, since humans are incapable of achieving Perfection, their personal limitations indicate they are only images of God.

Selfhood Greatness’ Cultivation displays as ones Wisdom’s continued Self-Improvement of ones Divinity/Highest Self-Esteem. Right Life Living is enhanced by ones spontaneous strivings towards ones highest attainments via naturally occurring multiple daily Trance states. Naturalness means one instincts emanate Selfhood Greatness mosaics for operating in their essence state.  Meanwhile, Spiritual Self-Esteem’s associate of Creativity converts the pertinent ordinary into extraordinary products. Every Spiritual Seed Evolution unfolds with Truth, Knowledge, or Spiritual Principles onto various planes of existence. Their Correspondence (same Genetics) produce products which expand ones Wisdom/Intellect + spotlight underlying Universals, which dissolve diversity into Unities. An analogy is a bird in the sky–not imitating, not being influenced by others, not standing out, and not leaving any tracks since it flows at such a high level.; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.