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Spiritual Happiness is the Infinite Aura and Atmosphere of what is Eternally “Larger-than-Life”. Both are invisible psychic essences or vital energies, emanating as a mist from its hidden ingredients and whose  bodiless presence is “Sensed”.  “Fixed” Cosmic Happiness, the feature of the Primordial (first in time), resides in the Subjective Realm (Ocean of Nun) Cosmic Plane. The Supreme Creator’s “One” Genetic Seed differentiated “Mathematically” into the “Non-Self”/non-Matter state of the “Many”. So, the “Many” are Spiritually bonded, no matter how remote in time or space are God’s Creatures/Creations. Such is analogized to a multi-dimensional gigantic spider web arrangement of the Cosmic Circle of Wholism, all orchestrated by God. The Web’s strings of dew mean each dewdrop has a reflection of all others. One drop implies all drops and each drop (like each human) is vital since all drops depend on one drop. This is ultimate Ideal Happiness because: (1) of being in Hetep (a profound state of Peace); (2) all possess “Oneness”/Unity and Perfection (since it is complete); (3) its Aura/Atmosphere emanate The Good, Belonging Worth, Harmony, and Beauty; (4) its contents are the God-made point of origin for All as “One” and to which each of the “All” eventually returns; and (5) it represents ones whole aim, course, and end “ME” Purpose in life. “Flowing” Cosmic (God) Happiness occurs with passing of The Good, Belonging Worth, Harmony, and Beauty into each human’s Soul so as to be ones Earthly “Fixed” Human Happiness“Flowing” Earthly Human Happiness occurs when the “Fixed” Cosmic (God) Essence independently and interdependently displays Essentials throughout ones lifestyle living. Yet, this only occurs when humans have cultivated their dormant abilities to maintain Hetep in the face of the ecstasy of Victory and the agony of defeat. Hetep brings humans’ indwelling Supreme God into their Unconscious Mind’s micro-Cosmic Circle of Wholism. Its unifying Truth, Spiritual Power, and Wisdom orchestrate mental foreground activities into an Uplift beyond all Acquired Emotional/Intellectual Influences.

Then, it is free of all coercion/temptation; free of limitations/inclinations to define ones Character; and free of like/dislike patterns. It is also Incorruptible (not subject to moral decay)—Responsibility/Duty Irreproachable (free from blame)–and appropriately responds spontaneously (happenings of itself, by itself) to any Setting/Situation. By returning to and resting in the innermost point of ones own Unconscious mental micro-Cosmic Web is to be in a state of inner Peace. And that is the prime foundation for the functioning of the healing aspects of the Life-Force and the source of all Spiritual Power. To reach Hetep–the highest goal of Meditation (concentration without Intention), so as to enter into the root of all divine power–was said by Ancient Africans to be the ultimate in Happiness or Pleasure (Amen, Metu Neter, Vol. I: 97, 162, 212). In my view, Happiness is a mind quality state, without a quest for something later–a feeling of the meaningless of an Ideal—a lacking of inner turmoil—and a recognition as to the significance of what was formerly disregarded or deemed insignificant. Ideals are Spiritual workings of all real things in harmony with each other, as The “Good” working as one. Ideal Happiness is known by suggestive hints of it being Cosmically “larger-than-life” and to which one has a vivid Feeling of Contented Belonging from being in a Cosmic Plan. This satisfies ones Spiritual Needy Wants and biological urges. Happiness and Peace cultivate an attraction to Human Ideals, Human Perfection, and the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and Naturalness. Their mosaic bits and pieces are fashioned into “ME/WE” benefit products.

These products–any of which can be located on the same and/or on different planes of existence–can be created in countless ways for humans in general and a given human in particular. Lingering Well-Being is an experience of ones Happiness. The Setting/Situation for this is to bathe in ones Love Platter–i.e. displays of ones instinct to Love; to spread Love regardless of how it is accepted or not; to be Loved; and to be Lovable.  For me, Happiness means Beautiful “Aliveness being dissolved into something complete, pure, great. It is a by-product of achievement struggles, like coming out of a deep hole to ground level or to having fashioned a gift, especially given anonymously, that makes a piece of the world a bit better. As in the Subjective realm, where apparent Darkness is itself light—dazzling, blinding in its splendor—is what my struggling alone Happiness experiences are like.; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.